Friday, September 9, 2011

The Tower of Cats

We have a new cat tree!  It was planned and created from scratch by my husband this week... with some help from me.  I must say that in this exact moment in time, I hate sisal rope with a passion, and am still trying to pick the sisal fibers out of my fingers.  (Yes, yes, I should have worn gloves when helping to wind the rope around the posts.  Lesson learned for next time.)

So far, Bit is the one that has taken to the tower the most, with Annie in for a close second.  Bit likes the "crow's nest" and they both like the little house with the circular doors.  Jeff reports that they are upstairs playing "seige" with one another, with Bit inside the house and Annie attacking from outside.

Charlotte is trying to pretend that she isn't interested, and doesn't realize that we did see her rubbing her face on it last night.

The dogs seem to have no opinions about it.

Update:  The foster cats love it, and seem to understand instinctively that this is a toy, while our own cats were a little confused in the beginning.  Maybe they both had trees in their former homes?  Or there was a tree in the colony room at the shelter?


  1. Job WELL DONE.

    It is a great cat toy.

    And this way the cats can sit up on the top and watch every move the two and fourlegged critters do.

    Hopefully your kitties won't use it to cat-a-polt them off and land on someones back with claws extended. I am sure this is only something my Allred (Devil Cat) would do...

    Careful out there

  2. GREAT JOB!!!! We love seeing what people put together - those purchase cat trees are expensive!

  3. Whew - so glad your cats have taken to it.....well done to you and your clever husband! They look very pleased with it!

    Rubie's mum.

  4. It's a cat thing! And isn't it just the thing for the kids. Happiness! What's a few fibers under the fingernails.

  5. looks great!! And the cats love it, even better!! Now that you have mastered the kitty tree you can start making all sorts of kitty furniture for them.

  6. Yes, I am with you, Rubie, so relieved that they've taken to it. I admit I had images of it being left abandoned and unused, but was fervently hoping otherwise. :)

    Anyway, thanks for the compliments, all. Store-bought cat trees ARE far too expensive... all we needed for this one was a few boards, some plywood, carpet remnants, and rope. And what seemed like thousands and thousands of carpet tacks. And carpet adhesive. Still, very inexpensive on materials.

    We are going to have to consider our next project. Jeff has also been making a couple of things for the dogs, more updates on that later.

  7. Oh, and yes, the sisal fibers were a small price to pay; the first time I saw Bit sharpen her claws on that sisal-wrapped post made it all worth it. That made me extremely happy.

  8. They most definitively like it. Well done!

  9. That is really cool but I am jealous!! I would love to be able to build one, because buying them is so expensive. I did break down and buy one from Drs. Foster when they had a good sale, but I also know how much cheaper it would be to make it. Sadly, I fear it is not within my capabilities. Yours is cool though. I had a cat named Tiger who just adored sissal rope for scratching, but my current three don't care for it as much as carpet and wood.

  10. That cat tree is GREAT! So glad the cats are taking to it so readily. :)

  11. That is one cool cat tree! You guys did a great job on it! Aren't both of your fosters males? Maybe they just had a little more play drive than the girls, or maybe they smelled where the girls had been playing, so felt it was more cat okay! :P

  12. What a great tree! Since they are so expensive it's great that you have someone who can build you one so nice and can tailor it to your cats and your home. I bet they're going to have a lot of fun on it!