Friday, March 22, 2013

An Adventure in Living Room Seating

Maybe, maybe life is slowing down a little.  I've said this before and been proven wrong, so don't hold me to it.  But...  there is hope.

One of the things that we noticed, after things started to calm, was that our recliner, well-loved and well-used as it was, was simply not comfortable any longer.  And a couple of "mystery bolts" fell out of it, leaving us scratching our heads on exactly where those bolts belonged.  But it left the chair somewhat lopsided, and it felt unstable.  I was sure that someone was going to sit in it some fateful day, and the entire thing was going to collapse.

So, to make a long story short, we went chair shopping last month.  We went into the store with the intention of buying one replacement recliner, but we actually bought two.  Since we have two greyhounds that hog up the entire couch.  :)

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Now we have two chairs for humans.

Actually, we have one chair for humans.  The other one has been adopted.

Annie was first.  Look at that sassy face!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Charlotte was next.
And finally, Bit, who was actually scared of the new chairs at first.
As you can imagine, if I am this fascinated by the new "cat chair" then at this moment in time, things are actually very quiet.  You will hear no complaints from me.

Some other factoids:

  • Argos and Maera are in great health, and high spirits.  It's almost as if they can smell spring in the air.  Though I can't smell it at ALL.  I think that they're calling for 4-8 inches of snow on Sunday night, and I am not pleased at all.  This winter needs to end!  I need tree buds!  Green grass!  Daylight until 9:30 PM!  I'm looking forward to the sunlight that comes with summertime, because it was really hard to get any good pictures this winter!  The pets have had next to no pictures taken of them; not because I don't love them, but because there are just too many shadows.  First sign of true spring, the dogs and I are SO at the park, with a camera.  

  • Sally, the timid and defensive foster cat that I wrote about last month, became a little less timid and a lot less defensive.  She and I had many an evening of good quality snuggling.  She was adopted on Tuesday night!  A good thing for her, but a sad thing for me.  I miss her crawling under the quilt with me, purring all the while, or standing on top of me and meowing in my face when it was time to feed her.  It was so very rewarding to watch her come out of her shell, at least a little bit.  She still has a way to go, but she got an understanding adopter, who will continue to work with her.

  • The cats are in good health.  They are thrilled that the guest room, previously Sally's abode, is now open to them again.  They are doubly thrilled because at the last moment, as we were about to take the old recliner down to the curb on trash night, Jeff figured out how to fix it!  It's a perfectly functional recliner, albeit old and a bit shabby.  We now have it set up  in a corner of the guest room.  I figure it will come in handy when I'm in there babysitting kittens.  But in the meantime, our cats can have another perch to squabble over.

  • We have no new fosters.  I don't anticipate that this state will last long, but I do feel like we need another break.  The cats need a break, and so do we.  Also, we are having an event at our house in a couple of weeks, and may need the guest room to not have feline visitors in it.  AFTER that, we'll probably be ready for the next needy kitty.  Or kitties. I've decided to try a nursing mom with kittens this year, assuming it's needed.

Anyway, it is my intent to not only start blogging again, but to start reading blogs again.  I miss reading everyone's stories and seeing their pictures!  Be patient with me, though.  I imagine that it's going to take awhile to get up to speed.