Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Join the Fellowship of the Black Cat

This is Petfinder's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.  Bloggers all over are posting about "less adoptable" animals and encouraging readers to give these deserving animals a home.

I'm posting about a group of animals that is near and dear to my heart - black cats.  They are so often overlooked, and I know that my local shelter has so many black cats right now that it isn't even funny.

They are in no way shape or form actually less adoptable...  black cats are often some of the most friendly animals up for adoption.  It seems like many people overlook them -  maybe it is the only the truly discerning, observant, and astute people that love the black kitties?  There should be a club - a fellowship, even, of those rare, lucky individuals.

Then again, I'd rather see more black cats get adopted than to belong to some exclusive club.

I'm going to start with a (mostly) black cat that is near and dear to my heart:  Mitchell, my remaining foster cat.  (Patches, his partner-in-crime, a tuxedo kitty, was adopted over the weekend.)

Mitchell has the sweetest nature of any cat that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He is extremely gentle with people, purrs with delight when he is gently petted, and will happily lie on top of you, or beside you, or at least on the same bed as you, as you nap.  He is also gentle with the other cats, and is patiently working on winning my "girls" over.

He is curious and fun, and will keep you well entertained as he explores and comically over-reacts to little things, like his reflection in a mirror, or discovering the bathroom sink.  We can't keep him, because we have a full house.  But I would love, love, love to see him go to someone who will adore him as he deserves.

Two other ARL cats that are up for adoption and black:

This is Mama.  According to the ARL site, she was found with her litter of kittens.  Her kittens are now gone, but she remains at the shelter.  Those eyes always get me - she wants to be rescued and taken to a home where she can get the pampering that she deserves.

Mama loves people, by the way, so her adopter would be guaranteed an affectionate, gentle companion.  The only caveat is that she live in a home without dogs.

And this is Annie.  (No, not MY Annie, though she too is a little black cat.)  I think that's why this picture tugs at my heartstrings so.  THIS Annie is gentle and not really taking to shelter life very well.  That makes her actually quite similar to MY Annie, who did not do well at the shelter either.  Her personality was not suited for it.

That's why I am certain that this Annie could have a "happily ever after" in someone's home - get her out of the caged environment, and you, like me with my Annie, will watch her blossom.

There are so many more - at the ARL, and no doubt at every shelter in the country.  (Here is a link to Castaway Cats - who talks about even more of the black cats at the ARL.)   So join the Fellowship - you know you want to!


  1. Oh goodness Mitchell. SO beautiful. Paws crossed for all these dark beauties.

  2. We're proud to belong to the fellowship of black cats ... we just wish it was a bigger club.

  3. We love those house panthers!!!! Our shelter had one adopted on Tuesday and mom promotes the others every time someone comes in. Green Hornet was adopted by a couple that was SPECIFICALLY look for a black cat!

  4. We love black cats! There has not been a time in the past 25 years that I have not had one. Hoping these beautiful babes find their forever home soon.

  5. We sure do love us some house panthers! We have a bunch of black kittehs at our shelter, and they are all SO sweet.

  6. I love black cats. My mom has a black kitty with a touch of white on her chest. I do not care for her name...Stinky! She came with that name and my mom thought it suited her.