Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am not a Cat Lady!

Well, okay, maybe I am, but I do so hate the stereotype!  It doesn't help that I'm a librarian by day, either.

A few weeks ago, I was grumbling to my husband, and anyone else who would listen,  because a fellow librarian on Facebook was complaining that so many librarians out there (including me) have cats in their profile pictures that we were just perpetuating the stereotype, and that if we wanted anyone to take our profession seriously, we'd change to something else.

This offended me, the idea that I should hide part of who I am just because someone doesn't approve of it.  It would be like me trying to hide that I was female, or that I like the color red, or even that I am a librarian.

So.  Maybe I am a Cat Lady.  I have multiple cats.  I definitely cater to their whims.  I would have more if my house could handle it, or if it was legal to have more in this city.  I go out of my way to find ways to make the cats happier, and to improve their lives, and to make them more confident and content.  And how is any of this a bad thing?  Until I start sleeping in the litter boxes, or going to work with cat pee soaked trousers, I think that the profession's image is safe from me.

Speaking of doing things for cats...  my husband is using some of his valuable time off to build them an awesome cat tower!

He is complaining that I am putting this picture up so soon...  so be gentle.  It is not finished yet.   (Though I think it looks fabulous, even incomplete!)  He is going to finish up the construction tonight, and then the two of us are going to start covering it with carpet remnants that we got for dirt cheap at Construction Junction - a local used and overstock building supply place, as well as wrapping those posts in sesil rope.

We're going to put it upstairs in the study (where the cats spend a lot of their time) in front of the window overlooking the back yard.

I anticipate that the cats will love it! Jeff says that they'd better like it, with as much work as he is putting into it.

So, if I am a Cat Lady, what does this make him?

And speaking of being a cat lady...  Jeff took one of my favorite pictures of Charlotte and captioned it for me, in response to people who would be overly critical of those of us that are devoted to cats.  It uses some language, so I am putting it behind the cut.  If bad language offends you, or it would completely ruin your enjoyment of this blog post, then please don't follow the link!


  1. I'm sure your cats will adore that tower - when I tried this with my (late) cat, she took one look at it and turned away with a "you've got to be joking look"!! I think she was a little too mature by the time she got hers.....the younger the cat - the more chance they will love it.

    LOVE the captioned photo - I don't like "that" word normally - but really appreciate it when the situation is so bad that it has to be used....or when it is just sooo funny in humour like this! Laughed!

    Rubie's mum.

  2. Well, the first lady who had Blueberry, before she came to us, is sort of my definition of a cat lady. She had a friend who bred Cornish Rex cats, and any that weren't show quality came to Mary's house. Well, the first time we met her, I think there were six cats in a four room house. Then, there were twelve or so the next time we saw her. The last time we went by, she had over twenty, more than I could count. As it turned out, Blueberry turned out to be allergic to cats (her eyes turn beat red just going in a house that has cats whether she's in direct contact or not). I'm pretty much a live and let live sort of gal, but the last time I was in that house, I couldn't breathe. As long as it's not hurting somebody else, I don't think it's anyone's business.

    I'm not a big user of the f-bomb, but that is pretty darned funny! I think her face says it all, even without the caption. I wonder if the lady will ever even get it!

  3. That is a wonderfull tower. They sure will like it, maybe not right away as they are a bit mature, but surely as soon as they realize they have a great view!
    Re being a lady cat, I have cats, I write doc, I live alone and I love needle work, so imagine :-)
    Don't you have several profiles? One for work and one for lsure? That ould solve the problem. However, As long as you comply with the rules at your work, do as you want.

  4. Stick it to them! love the tower! One day my husband says he's going to build us one too!!

    Ditto! Screw them all! Enjoy who you are and be proud of it!!

  5. Very cool tower he's building! Crafty guy :) Bet they can't wait for him to finish! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Ha! I love the pic at the end. As another proud cat lady, it no longer bothers me at all what people think. If that's all it takes for them to make a judgment of me, doubt I needed them anyway.

  7. I think you show great decorum and dignity, when you spit like that. If they only knew what would happen when the gloves really came off.