Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Vet Drama...

Yes, there is going to be more vet drama, in a couple of days.

When we took Argos for his check-up and vaccinations last week, they told us that he needed his teeth cleaned in a bad way, and that we shouldn't wait too terribly long to do it, because one of his teeth was the tiniest bit loose.  I fully intended on scheduling him for it in the next couple of weeks, and then he ripped his dewclaw out and we had to deal with all of the drama with that.

I'd kind of wanted to let him totally recover from that before subjecting him to teeth cleaning (and pulling, at least with that one loose tooth, if not others.)  But I noticed last night that the slightly wobbly tooth is now REALLY loose, and he's a little bit less willing to eat his hard kibble now.  So I'm sure that means that it's hurting him.

I called the vet today, and told them about the worsening tooth, and about my concerns about him getting this done so close to the dewclaw incident, especially since he's still on antibiotics from that.  I was told that him being on antibiotics was no big deal, and that in some ways it would be better that he'd been on them for a few days leading up to it.

And essentially that we should get this done ASAP, no big surprise there.  So now he's scheduled for the first day that we could get him in, which is Thursday.

I'm a little traumatized by it, since I know it will require him to be put under to have it done...  this is a great vet clinic though, and all of their doctors have tons of experience with greyhounds.  So it's not like I'm handing him over to someone who has never put a greyhound under before.

I'm sure that it will be fine, and I'm looking forward to having it all past us.

And then no more vet visits for awhile guys, okay?  Please?

But here is a question that I want to put out there for all you greyhound people.  Have you had to have your grey's teeth cleaned?  What do I have to prepare for, once we get him home?  Is he going to have to eat soft food?  Can he be left alone for awhile the following day, while we work?  I'm sure that the vet will tell us everything that we need to know at the time, but I'm obsessing curious about it now.


  1. Sorry I don't have any advice on the teeth thing (never had a greyhound), but since the vet handles all the grey's from that rescue, I think it's the best place for him to be. Even some emergency hospitals don't have experience with Greyhounds so that's a good sign. Good luck!

  2. Wishing you lots of luck from New Hampshire we don't have any experience with Greys but I am sure he will do great.
    Please let us know how he does we will be thinking about him.

  3. When we have our hounds' teeth cleaned, they usually are on antibiotics for a few days before anyway, so don't worry about that. Mine usually sleep quite a bit the next day, so I wouldn't worry about going to work, either. Usually, their appetites are a little off for a couple of days until the anesthesia works its way out of their system. I've never had to worry about changing their diet (more like begging them to eat a bit and then breaking down out of guilt and letting them eat whatever they want) unless he has to have a lot of teeth pulled. The vet will tell you if he needs soft food, but it's never been a problem for us.

    I always tell everybody who's grey has to go in for a dental not to stress and that it will be no big deal, but I still stress like crazy when it's my dog going in! Argos will be fine, though, and home to recover and ring his bell for service before you know it!

  4. Sorry to hear about Argo's tooth ache.
    Houndstooth said just about everything I was going to say about the dental cleaning! That is basically everything we tell our clients, after a dental!

  5. When Song's teeth had to be done, she was fine. I was given antibiotics for a few days and for one day some pain killers. I dampened her food a bit, but she refused her dinner and then breakfast the next morning, but after that was back to normal with her eating. She slept most of the day I brought her home.

    Since then I have been putting Plaque Off into her food. It's made from seaweed and changes the saliva so it helps to stop plaque forming. Her teeth are definitely better for it. It's not cheap, although a big pot goes a long way and it is cheaper and less traumatic that having them done at the vets.

    Please let us know how Argos get's on.

  6. No dogs here, but when Maestro had his teeth cleaned he was on soft food for a couple of days (which he thought was great). I am sure everything will be fine, but we will be sending you purrs on Thursday!!

  7. Poor Argos as been in the wars lately!