Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Angry Cats

I have no pictures tonight, but did want to complain a little - one problem with getting three of our cats close to the same time is...  they all have to go back to the vet for their annual check-ups and vaccinations at the same time!

Jeff and I packed up Annie, Charlotte, and Bit into their carriers and drove them to the vet (in the pouring rain, of COURSE.)  We listened to three voices Mrrowring all the way over there, and at least part of the way back. We couldn't help it, and started to laugh at them (even though we did feel bad about it) because it sounded like we had an entire animal shelter in our back seat.

We're all back home now, but only after having to clean up vomit and poop in one of the carriers. Annie has provisionally forgiven us, but the other two are staying well away, angry, sullen.

They all got a clean bill of health, and the vet even kindly trimmed their claws for us in addition to their shots.

October is an expensive vet month for us.  Because we realized that Argos was last vaccinated by the track kennel in October of last year.  So...  he's going in tomorrow morning for his check-up and vaccinations.  I won't be going along on this one, since I won't be able to leave work.  We decided that having Jeff take Argos to the vet alone was far less traumatizing than taking three cats to the vet alone, which would have been a nightmare.

And oh yes,  Charlotte goes back to the critical care specialists next week to get her quarterly chest x-ray.

As much as I'm complaining about it, I know that it is all necessary, and don't begrudge our animals the health care.  But yikes, having it all come at us at once.  Except for Romeo, thank goodness, who doesn't have to go in for his until May.  I guess that the best way to look at it is that we're getting most of our routine vet care out of the way, all at once.

Anyway, I'm off for the night.  I'm going to go in to read, and probably to be glared at by at least one angry cat.


  1. I know how you feel having 6 dogs and 2 cats, it seems like somehow they all end up in the same month. Talk about sticker shock, lol. Especially when the dogs have to go in for heartworm checks. We have to do two trips for that. Glad everyone is doing fine thought. Nothing like a clean bill of health to make it all worth it.

  2. We had a similar problem with three of the dogs all needing to go into the vet in the same month. We adjusted things so that we got each of them their own month and made life easier all around! lol Sleep with one eye open!

  3. They're sooo expensive, aren't they?! Even people who have veterinary insurance have to pay up front before they get anything reimbursed. I cringe every time I have to take one of them to the vet because it's always just so much money.

    I was cat-sitting for my Aunt and Cousin last month and had to take one of their cats to the vet. I picked him up from the vet but had to return him the next day (they were checking his blood glucose to see whether or not I'd need to give insulin shots), but since he just came from there not even a full 24 hours before, there was no chance he was going to willingly let me put him in his carrier. He hid under the bed which was too low for me to climb under, and I ended up spraying him with water until he ran out. He was NOT a happy kitty - but he didn't need insulin, so maybe that made up for it.

  4. I know it's not easy, but I put a little by each month, so when I have to take song to the vets, I already have the money.

    Glad your cats passed their check up. Hope Argos get's on ok with his.

  5. I can’t imagine having to take the entire family to the dr. My cat refuses to travel to the vet in a carrier. Ok, he doesn’t refuse, but the last time we tried he shredded each and every one of his nails. We now hold him in towels. He requests special “travel music”. His favorite is james taylor.