Sunday, October 17, 2010


Violet is a beautiful brindle girl, who is up for adoption at Steel City Greyhounds!  I met this sweetheart this morning,  and got to take her for a walk along with Carolina, another greyhound up for adoption.

Violet is quiet and shy, at least with us (she has never met us before.)    She was an absolute joy to walk - this girl is not a "puller,"  though she was extremely curious about everything around her and would occasionally veer off of the sidewalk to check out an interesting leaf, or even a couple of random pieces of litter.  She did get very excited when she saw another dog running and playing in the turn-out pen across the street at the animal shelter -  she very badly wanted to join in the fun!

In fact, my husband and I could tell right away that she likes other dogs, because she kept as close as she could to Carolina throughout the entire walk!   Carolina was far more energetic than she, but Violet took her companion's high energy in good stride, and was very mellow about the whole thing.

It seems to me that Violet would love to be adopted by someone who enjoys a quiet, ladylike companion, and who will be willing to be a little patient with her while she works to overcome her initial shyness.  (I'll bet it won't take long, once she gets into a home with kind, affectionate people and all of the creature comforts!)

Will you be the one to give this sweet dog a home?  She'd make an excellent companion for another dog, though I'm sure she'd adapt to getting all of the attention as the only dog in a household as well!

Violet is very young, born in February 2009.


  1. what a beautiful girl!! hope she finds a great home, she seems perfect!

  2. What a beautiful girl!! My grandmother's name was Violet, I always thought that was the prettiest of names - best wishes, Violet!