Sunday, October 17, 2010


Carolina is an energetic, yet VERY sweet natured red fawn girl.  When she was brought out to meet my husband and I, she danced for joy, her tail wildly wagging back and forth... in fact, because of this tendency, her tail was taped at the end to provide some cushioning for it!  (You can see just a little bit of tape in the picture below.)

She is a lover through and through, and without hesitation covered our faces with kisses any time that either of us at all within reach.  I was also amused, because though my husband was the one walking her, when we first set out, she kept looking back at me as if to ask my permission to move forward.  (We see who SHE thought was the boss.)  Though as the walk went on, she did do that less and less, especially after he jogged with her for awhile.

For all of her enthusiasm, she was a very gentle walker on the leash, not pulling too much, and treated Violet, the other adoptable greyhound (who has a blog post all of her own) respectfully.

She's very curious and bright-eyed, and wanted to have a role in everything that we were doing.  Tie my shoe?  She wanted to have her nose right there to see what was going on.  Take pictures?  She wanted to sniff the camera, kiss the camera, yes, even lick the camera.  (And then she wanted to kiss the camera man!)  Carolina was definitely much more into getting attention from us than she was in any photo shoot.

Carolina is a friendly, happy dog and I have no doubt that she is going to bring some lucky soul a lot of joy.

She is also quite young - just a little over two years old!

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