Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brrrr! Cold

Brrr!  It's cold around here this week!  Well, it's been down in the 40's, and while that is nothing compared to what it will be like later this year and early next year, it is still a shock to the system.  Especially after we were spoiled with three months of very warm, sunshiney weather.  I've even broken my long-standing rule of never turning the heat on before November.  I'm blaming it on the animals.  They're cold, therefore the heat comes on.  It has nothing to do with me shivering under the blanket, no sir.

It started to get cool on Sunday, only we were caught unawares.  We went to North Park for an event called Hearts and Hounds, hosted by UPMC, a large local health system.  It was to promote good exercise and good health, by walking your dog!  Walkers and their dogs were invited to join for a donation fee, all proceeds to go to the American Heart Association.  We were asked to go as representatives of Steel City Greyhounds, and to set up a booth for the group in case anyone there was interested in adopting a greyhound or wanted information about it.

It was a lot of fun!  There were dogs of all shapes and sizes there; everything from Westies to a gorgeous Newfoundland.  There were even two other greyhounds, which pleased Argos immensely.

But as I said, the cold caught us a little by surprise.  Jeff had a hoodie, and I was wearing a thick fleece pull-over, so we were fine (though still a little chilled.)  But then about half an hour after we got set up, I noticed that Argos had started shivering.  Yikes!  It was going to be a long morning with him being so cold, and I was trying to figure out what to do about it when Jeff stepped in and saved the day.

Why yes, that is a hoodie that Argos is wearing.  Jeff stood there in his short sleeved shirt the rest of the morning so that 'gos could stay warm.  What a guy!  I think that some people were startled by his devotion, but some (including me) were impressed.  Argos got quite a bit of attention in his new get-up.

I do think he was happy to get back out of the hoodie, but he kept that red bandana (given to us by the event hosts) and seemed terribly pleased by it.   He strutted around, showing it off for the rest of the day!

So, I'm not sure of what to do about keeping Argos warm.  I have a winter coat for him, that I purchased for him last year.  It's really heavy, though, and is a little bit of overkill for anything besides truly wintry weather.  And I remember that when we got him last January, he didn't have a winter coat, and it didn't really seem to bother him that much unless it dipped into the twenties.  So does this mean that he'll get used to the cooler weather?  Should I get him a light jacket?

Here's a secret...  well, not much of a secret, but it IS the first time I've admitted it online... I'm attempting to knit him a sweater.  I imagine that it would be PERFECT for weather like this, but at the rate I'm going, he might get to wear it in the spring.  (It's a beautiful sweater, or at least the picture on the pattern is.  It's a ribbed turtleneck, and looks oh-so-elegant on the long greyhound neck.)

But anyway, I think I want to try to get him a light jacket in the interim.  It's not the pup's fault that his mom is such a slow knitter.

The cold has another side-effect that I had completely forgotten about in the summer heat...  the animals get much more affectionate!  They are constantly seeking us out to be a source of warmth for them, which means lots of snuggle time!  I can't prop myself up on the couch this week without Argos climbing onto my lap and sandwiching himself between my legs and the back of the couch.  He'll stay there absolutely as long as I do, never showing ANY interest in jumping down.

We haven't spent a night in the bed without at least one of the cats joining us, usually Bit.  I've awakened most nights this week to have her curled up in a tight little ball up against my stomach.  I've seen her do something similar with Jeff.

While I'm sorry that everyone is cold, I do have to admit, I am enjoying the snuggle time.


  1. I made a very simple one layer polarfleece jacket for Arrow our greyhound for those 'nearly cold, but not quite cold enough' days and nights. He also has a double layer polarfleece coat with a turtleneck for when it actually is cold, AND a one layer polarfleece with waterproof outer 'rain jacket', AND another waterproof jacket which we got from a Saddlery store, it is like a little horse rug.

  2. That's so cute that you're trying to knit him a sweater! My grandmother is a fantastic seamstress - she's a teacher's aide and every spring, a lot of the Juniors & Seniors enlist her to make their prom dresses by hand. Years ago, she made a raincoat/bootie outfit for her miniature schnauzers.

    Can't wait to see the sweater pattern!

  3. I love the gesture of Jeff giving up his garment for Argo. I think that is so cool!! And I have to giggle at thought of knitting a sweater for a dog, which is so forgein thinking with Huskies, but I think it's so cute that you want to do one for Argo. Even if you don't get it done until spring, he'll have it for next year.

    We had to break down and get the wood furnace going 2 weeks ago. Thank Goodness we haven't had to run it every night or during the day. I'm not ready for winter just yet. HELP!! :)

  4. Now that you have turned on the heat, we hope you still get to enjoy snuggle time!

  5. Well done Jeff for giving up your hoodie. I think Argos looks fab:)

    I have a thing lined waterproof coat for he temps are nippy, but not really cold.

    Today and tomorrow we are supposed to have abiove average temps, but then Sunday they drop again. Think I may have to put the heating on then.

  6. Too cute! Argos looks great in his hoodie!

  7. Awww! Argos looks cute in that hoodie! I have some light jackets for the girls for times when we're out and it's not cold enough for them to need their winter coats. You might like the tummy warmers of light jackets at Voyager's K9 Apparel. They make things especially for Greyhounds and I've been really happy with their products and customer service.

    I love snuggle time under the covers with the hounds, too!

  8. Aww, it must be really chilly where you are! We just recently turned off the air (Western Oregon) and we haven't turned the heat on yet! Kirby hasn't been around long enough for me to figure out whether or not to buy him a coat, but I know my mom got her dog a raincoat because it gets so wet around here. No one even gives him a second glance... but dogs in raincoats aren't uncommon in OR! :)

    Also- I never realized how big Argos is! I don't know why it struck me today, instead of in your zillions of other posts. He looks really tall! Maybe it's just the hoodie... ;)

  9. Thanks for the tips, all! As for the sweater, I'm finally finished with the neck portion and starting to open out onto the shoulders. Keeping my fingers crossed, because this is where it gets a little tricky, at least for this beginner!

    And yeah, Argos is pretty tall - he comes up to my hips (though I'm only 5'3" so take that with a grain of salt.) We've been told that he's somewhat on the larger end of male greyhounds, though I have seen bigger! I have a friend who just got one that comes out to about 90 lbs!

  10. Hello! I just came across your blog and your Argos is beautiful!! He's got a great nose which I can appreciate as a doxie owner. Looking forward to your posts!

  11. We have a long time before it gets cold here. But mommy did turn off the air and opened the windows in the bedroom since it was getting to be less humid outside then inside.

    Davinia & Indiana

  12. Although temps. here have been in the low 60's, I was just thinking today it's time to let the Airedales grow out their "sweaters" and get fuzzy like sheep for the winter.

  13. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you stay warm! We're having a fairly warm weekend here, and trying to enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  14. What a cutie!

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