Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Low Sort of Humor

I think that I am forced to acknowledge that Argos, as graceful, elegant, and lovely of a dog as he is, has a decidedly low-brow sense of humor.

First, there's the peeing on Maera's head about once a week.  Granted, Maera walks right into that one every time by having her head nearby, but you can't tell me he doesn't realize what he's doing.  Especially since he gives me a look when he does it...  he has a certain gleam in his eye.

One of his other favorite things to do is to wait until a gaggle of school girls comes by, and THEN he decides to poop, right in front of them.  (I may have mentioned this in passing before.)  It happened again yesterday when we were out on our morning walk.  The schoolgirls, about six of them, got up to us, and Argos was immediately pooping in the grass.  The girls were a-titter.

"Oh, Argos," I sighed, with what I like to think was weary sounding amusement.

He looked up at me, caught my eye, and gave me this HUGE doggy grin, and wagged his tail once, as if inviting me to appreciate his fine sense of humor.


MOM.  I can't BELIEVE that you would tell these people such things.


  1. That is fuuuuunny.

  2. Guinness used to LOVE doing that...Back when I lived at my ex roommate's condo (before I met my wife) Guinness would get as close to the busy road out front as possible without being in danger, and I swear he'd wait until traffic was its busiest, then he'd smile and poop, tail straight out and a big grin on his face...oh, they know, they know....

  3. Ha! Ha! My hairy slobbery sister does the Poop thing too! Mommy has tons of poopy bags in all her coats and pockets because of this!

  4. Bwaaaaa ha ha! Something tells me Kuster and Argos would get along famously!

  5. Boys! Parker likes to pee on car tires at the park. Usually while I'm talking to the owner of that car. Awkward...

  6. Awwww! They do the silliest things... My Buster has been known to pee on the girls as they do their business. Not the kindest thing to do, since it always ends up with an emergency bath!

  7. Argos, you are such a boy! But we love you for it. :)

  8. awww Such a sense of humor. It just goes to show people that dogs have emotions. It's amazing to watch them have fun like this.