Friday, September 24, 2010

Pittsburgh Marathon 2011 and Steel City Greyhounds!

Steel City Greyhounds is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that is devoted to finding homes for retired racers.  In fact, they happen to be the group that found Argos for me, so it is safe to say that they are near and dear to my heart for introducing me to my great doggie love.  

And I have found out that they are assembling a team to run in the Pittsburgh Marathon this coming May in  order to raise funds for the dogs.  

If you are a marathon runner, want to be a marathon runner (or walker) or even if you just want to run a half-marathon, I ask you to join their team.  You need not have adopted a greyhound to join up.  You don't even need to be from Pittsburgh (just willing to travel here!) Or if you have a friend that you think may be interested, let them know about it.  

And if you're like me, and would probably expire if you even had to run one mile, donations are gladly accepted!  :) 

You can visit the following website for additional information:

I love the idea of humans running to raise money for these ex-racers.  It is just somehow very fitting.

Argos agrees.  Though Jeff has pointed out that for some reason, Argos always agrees with me when I'm interpreting.


  1. If I could I would send you some money but this last 2 years have been very hard for us. We are doing good just to have enough money to eat, pay bills and feed our critters!!! Really!!!
    I would like it a lot if you would come and read the last 25 years post of mine. When you have the time. Thank you!!
    XXOO Bambi & Fern

  2. I am no marathoner, that's for sure, but I salute those who do!

    Argos, you look like the King of the Couch!

  3. Hi, Fern - I read your post about the raccoons, and I think it's great that someone is feeding them! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) And no worries about the donations - I put the plea for donations out there for any who could and were willing to send money, but certainly do not blame any who can't or choose to donate to other causes!

    Houndstooth - I do too! I am amazed at the stories of training for a marathon that I hear from someone at work, and I know that I just do not have it in me, even if I was miraculously more in shape! :) And Argos IS totally king of the couch. It's his most favorite spot ever, and is why 90% of the pictures I show of him involve it in some way!

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