Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adopt a Black Cat

Black Cats are among some of the most difficult animals to adopt out.  Nobody knows exactly WHY, but what we DO know is that they've done nothing to deserve it, and can be gentle, loving, affectionate companions.

They do not cause bad luck, do not have poor personalities, and are absolutely gorgeous!

So give a black cat a new chance at life, and adopt one from the shelter today.

There are two very special kitties in the Pittsburgh area that desperately need homes.

This is Kitty Kitty, known as "K.K.," showing everybody how sleek and beautiful she is, and such stunning green eyes!

She is only six years old, with so many years of life left in her.

She is being kept in a foster home through the Western Pennsylvania Animal Rescue League, and would love to meet you!

The ARL site has this to say about this beauty:

With bewitching green eyes and genuine interest in everyone, you would swear that Kitty Kitty (aka K. K.) is trying to talk to you. Whether she's saying that it's dinner time, or time for cuddles, KK has a personality that's larger than life.
KK is very loving and attentive to her human companions, yet she isn't needy. She's a lapcat extraordinnaire, and enjoys a snuggle in bed. Her signature move is the lick-headbutt-body-rub-spin-around-and-lick-again manouver. It's very complicated, but KK has perfected it.

So please, someone give this lovely lady a home.  She and her foster mom would love to hear from you!  You may email at sstewart@chemimage.com.  The Western Pennsylvania Animal Rescue League's website is at http://www.animalrescue.org.

And now, introducing Mr. Wilham... living proof that being gorgeous is not just for the lady kitties.

He is only a little over four years old.  That means that he's past the sometimes annoying kitten phase, but is still very young and can be your companion for many years!

Mr. Wilham is actually at the same foster-home as Kitty Kitty.  Here is what the Animal Rescue League site has to say about him, or rather, what HE has to say about himself:

The name's Wilham. Mr Wilham actually.

Tell me I'm not the handsomest guy on this page!

This is my Hugh Hefner pose for the ladies. "Cause I love the ladies.

But I can be a man's cat too. I'm tall and muscular and love to gallop around the house chasing my toys.

Basically I'm pretty much the perfect companion for any type of person. I'm shy, and prefer adult people. I would be happy as your only companion, however I don't mind female cats, as long as they're OK with some rough and tumble games. My foster mum says I'm a champion head-butter and nose-nudger! At 3 years young, I love being petted, and I'm very loyal to my human friends. I will sit in the bathroom while you shower, and fall asleep beside you on the couch. 

He's been with the ARL for a long time now, and really needs to find a home of his own.  Just as with Kitty Kitty, you can contact his foster mom at sstewart@chemimage.com, or visit the Animal Rescue League website at http://www.animalrescue.org.


  1. My sister is a black cat and we have had other black cats before her. We just love black cats and do not understand why they are often overlooked.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. There ain't nothing better than a black cat! My first cat was all black and he was the best cat I ever had. Our second is black and white and he's his own, even though half the time he acts like my first one. Every one should have a black cat at least once!

  3. Awww. I grew up with a black cat named "spook." Now I realize that probably wasn't the best of names, but I was 4 when I named him. :P

    I know that black dogs have some of the same issues. One theory is that it's harder to read the dog's expressions due to their coloring. :( Poor guys.

  4. We have two kitty brothers that are all black. Mom just loves black kitties!

    We don't know why someone wouldn't want to love a black kitty - they are no different from any other kitty!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. I love black cats! In fact I have a black cat foster from the same shelter. Rosey is 12.5 lbs. of pure love. I really enjoy all the different types of black cats we get at the shelter, especially the muscular black panther types who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.


  6. I do too! They're so sleek and gorgeous! Our sleek panther(ess) is starting to get a tiny bit of a tummy, though. I think that we may be putting all of the kitlings on a diet along with Romeo.

    Well, except for Charlotte. We've been told by the vet that pudge on her is a GOOD thing, because the extra weight means that her daily heart medicine doesn't break down her kidneys quite as fast.