Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life in the House

And now for a less distressing post than the last... I always love updating how the animals are doing, especially when there hasn't been any trauma!


The 'gos is as drama-free as usual; I cannot believe how easy-going he is, at least most of the time!  He's more relaxed when we turn him loose in the backyard now, and I think that he's finally accepted that we ARE going to stay out there with him and not just leave him to his own devices.  He made some minor attempts at digging, in a part of the yard that he had seen me trying to dig to plant a shrug.  (I was stymied by an enormous plate of rock under the ground.)  He gave up after a few minutes, and just laid there with his head in the hole, sunning himself.

Yesterday, he went with us to Petco for a Meet & Greet for Steel City Greyhounds.  He did very well with the crowds, as he usually does, and with the huge number of dogs and cats that were there... there were NUMEROUS breed-specific rescue groups there, including one with a very noisy Great Dane mix.  There were also some cats that were rescued from the Tiger Ranch a year or so ago.  WE had a couple of adoptable greyhounds there as well, and I would have happily adopted both of them if we had more room!

Argos, who only sits when he doesn't want to get his belly dirty!

The Cats

The cats are sorting out the whole hierarchy issue.  We've stopped intervening in the fights, at least until it starts to get too protracted or nasty.  We do still separate them if we're going to be gone for more than an hour, and that's mostly to protect Charlotte.  Because there has been a lot of Romeo vs. Charlotte confrontation this week.  He has started to learn how to make Bit back down, though she is incredibly persistent.  He doesn't perceive submissive Annie as a threat, and doesn't even acknowledge Argos as a living being...  which leaves Charlotte, the Queen.  He's been challenging her a little, and she doesn't like it at all.  Lately they've been scrapping over who gets to sit in the recliner, which is traditionally Charlotte's perch.   So we don't let these fights get too out of hand, since Charlotte DOES have a heart condition.  Still, it appears to me that she's holding her own, and Romeo had probably better concede to her.  Now, to convince him of that...

It's not easy being the Queen.

A temporary cease-fire was declared so that everyone could take a nap.

Annie would like to point out that she doesn't ever start any trouble.

Argos, sticking his head under the recliner for some reason.  
Okay, that last picture was neither here nor there, but it made me laugh, so up it goes.

I hope that everyone has had a good weekend!  I forgot to mention that it is a very special weekend in the House of Carnivores. .. it's Adoption Day for the three "girls."  Two years ago this weekend, we got Charlotte and Bit from the shelter, and went back to get Annie two days later.    It's been a lovely two years, my girls!  I wouldn't trade you for the world!


  1. Congratulations to "the girls!" I'm glad to hear that things are settling down some for your group.

    Argos, Bunny thinks you're a heartthrob!

  2. Haha, he IS a handsome devil, is he not? Hopefully it doesn't go to his head! :)

  3. P.S. Methinks there is another hound in your future! ;) Two is good company -- you never have to fight for a leash that way! Not that I'm an enabler in any way!