Friday, September 3, 2010

Fences and Greyhounds

We have a fence!  It's a very small yard, but it should give Argos a place to blow off some steam...  I would say that he approves!  He was VERY excited about being turned loose in the yard.

Though after he got his running done, he started to get anxious.  I think he must have thought that we were going to leave him back there by himself, because he suddenly became major velcro-dog.

Don't judge for the lack of grass.  It really has come a long way!
And here's some other visitors to our yard, and the ones that are probably responsible for eating all of my zucchini blossoms:

Wild turkeys!
So yes, our big news for the week was that our fence is finally up.  Argos is pleased, we're pleased, everyone's pleased.

As for the rest of the house...  Romeo's bladder infection has cleared up, though he's still on the antibiotics.  We're starting to take him out and force him to integrate a little more often now.  We've figured that the longer that we keep him cloistered, the longer it will take for everyone to get along.  Keep your fingers crossed that we won't have any set-backs... no diarrhea, no bladder infections, nothing of the sort.

Bit seems to be reveling in her new-found dominance over Romeo, and is now extending that behavior to everyone else - especially Argos.  She drapes her pretty little self across doorways to prevent the other cats and Argos from going through.  She sits on the stairs to prevent Argos from going up or down.  (She has figured out that he's afraid of getting reprimanded, so will not pass by her or over her on the stairs.)  I think that she'd like to prevent the humans from access too, but hasn't yet figured out how to prevent us from stepping over her.

Little brat.  We do move her whenever we see her doing this, but with Bit, it takes awhile to sink in.  She's beautiful, and has moments of pure sweetness, but she is not always very bright.

No good pictures of the cats this week, so here's another picture of me and Argos, at Frick Park, last weekend.  I feel like we should be in some English gothic tale.


  1. Congratulations on the fence! Argos looks like he could be related to Bunny. I can't wait until we can get ours later this year.

  2. We have a tiny yard too- When we got the house in November the yard was a dirt pile with blackberry bushes, and a hole in one part of the fence where the neighbor dog had broken through. Congrats on the grass! I know it can feel like it takes forever. :P

  3. Woo hoo, that's one happy houndy:-) Lovely scenic pic in the park, very atmospheric!

  4. Just hopping by via the Bog Hop. Love the pix of you and Argo at the park.
    Have a great weekend.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Hello! I saw your blog title above mine via the Saturday Blog Hop and I was intrigued by the title (it's a catchy one!) and so here I am! For some reason, I thought I was a follower but I was wrong but now I'm right because I am now your newest follower! So glad to meet you! I went to your "about us" link so I could meet all of your family members and get familiar and I think it's wonderful that you opened up your home to some many pets! I love all pets (I should b/c I am a professional pet sitter, after all) and I look forward to reading more stories about them!

  6. With a fence to keep the turkeys out, maybe you'll grow something next year!