Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday morning

I love Saturday mornings.  I'm able to relax and sit still long enough for the animals to come to me, and they love it too!  I will frequently spend part of a Saturday morning with Argos on my lap, and the other part lying on the guest room bed to take a quick nap with the cats.  They LOVE it when I do that, and I don't get to do it often enough.

How insanely busy and pointless our lives must look to them, when we have to get up, get ready, and go to work every morning, leaving them home alone.  (Not that it isn't necessary - SOMETHING has to pay for the roof over their heads, and the food for their bellies.  But I don't expect for them to realize that.)

We're starting to find that one of Argos' peculiarities is that he would rather spend time with us than eat his food.  So if I feed him in the morning and then go into the other room, he might eat a couple of bites, but then comes to find me.  To ensure that he eats everything (and I do need to do this, since he needs fattening up) I pull up a dining room chair and sit next to him through his breakfast.  Even then, he is more interested in me than in the food, and I have to pet him and reassure him that I'm still there before he'll continue.  Weird.  I'd worry about it a little more, but he enthuasiastically eats the entire dish once he realizes that I'm okay with that.

A dog's loyalty... it's nothing to be trifled with.  It's also somewhat humbling that there is a creature that devoted to me.

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