Sunday, February 14, 2010

Greyhound Racing Statistics

There is a nifty website that collects statistics on racing greyhounds, and our boy is on it!

The site is at  If you do a search on "Coach Williams," his track name, you'll get his stats.  It even has a few pictures of him, from when he was younger!  You can tell he's a little older now, because his muzzle is a little grayer... sniffle.

For those that don't care to go to look, here are some of the basics:

He's run 55 races in his lifetime, and won 16 of those.  It looks like he spent his life prior to us in West Virginia, at two different tracks: Tri-State and Wheeling Downs. 

What amazes me is the pedigree - his family tree is bigger than mine!  What is even more amazing is that his sire fathered (at this point) 10,288 puppies!  Mind you when we checked these statistics out last month, it only showed that he'd fathered 9,700ish puppies.  Yikes, that's a lot of kids!  Our boy was either never bred, or none of his pups have been registered.

Not that any of this matters... we'd love him dearly if he'd never won a single race, but it is kind of cool to see.  It's kind of difficult to imagine our loveable couch potato on the track, actually. 

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