Sunday, July 25, 2010

Only a cat...

Only a cat would think that it was acceptable to jump up on top of someone's computer desk while they were typing, lay down behind the keyboard, and then proceed to get angry at the sound of clicking keys...

I kid you not, that is exactly what Romeo did to me last night.  And he wasn't just annoyed at me typing, he was getting really angry!  He kept shooting hard glares at my hands.  I noticed, but didn't really think anything of it.  Then his tail started lashing violently, and he kept making little motions towards my hands like he wanted to rip them off.  When he stood up and laid his ears back at them,  I'd had about enough and decided that we needed to get him off of the desk before he did me serious injury!

Geez!  Talk about my animals trying to bully me.  So here is Romeo, not looking anywhere near as angry as he was last night.  

Then Annie kept jumping up into my lap every time I tried to get up, knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist her.  Really makes you wonder who rules the house, doesn't it?

Sorry for the odd angle from this picture, but you'll see that she is indeed on my lap.

The only other cat drama this weekend was a big oopsie on our parts...  Friday night, Jeff gave Charlotte her nightly dose of Lasix, and then twenty minutes later, I gave her a dose of Lasix for the night.  As soon as we realized our error (about half an hour later) Jeff called the emergency vet that has been treating her for her congestive heart failure to tell them what had happened and to get guidance on what to do next.  Luckily for us, there were no ill effects!  They just warned us that she would want to drink more and pee more, and that we should make sure that she had plenty of water available.  I'm so glad!  When we realized our error, I thought my heart was going to stop.  We've never had a medication malfunction before!

Saturday we went to Petco with Argos to do a Meet & Greet.  There were of course the usual people that wanted to pet him (and Isabelle, the other grey that was with us) but had no intention of adopting, but there were two groups of people that were really interested, and asked a lot of questions.  They both took brochures, so I hope that they apply to adopt and that it all works out!  I like thinking that I've played even a small role in someone's decision to adopt one of these fantastic dogs.  I've heard this before, and thought that it was awfully trite and cliche, but it's true...  it's difficult to know who rescued whom.  I just want for other people to feel the same thing.

Today was a quiet day.  I was home alone with the critters for most of the day.  This morning Jeff and I went down to the Waterfront to do some errands, but brought Argos with us!  Granted, this meant that Jeff did the errands while I walked Argos beside the Monongahela River, but it was all good.  Argos loves to walk in new places.

Here we are, on one of Pennsylvania's Rails to Trails....

All in all, a good weekend, Lasix malfunction and all...


  1. We have a cat that LOVES the computer keyboard as well - not sure why, maybe because it is warm?

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I love going for walks with the girls in scenic places and our riverfront is one of my favorites!

    I loved doing Meet and Greets for the same reasons! I know Treat broke a lot of hearts when we said she wasn't available, but she lead a lot of people to find their own perfect match!

  3. We all know who rules the Check out my blog of you get a chance