Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Along

Or, as it is in our household this week, NOT getting along.

The "girls" are not accepting Romeo as quickly as I had hoped.  I know, I know, he's only been with us for a little over a week, so I'm probably trying to rush things too much.  But I just want to know that everything is going to be peaceful in our house... and peaceful it ain't, not right now anyway.

Romeo is still in "isolation" in the guest room for now, though we do try to break it up for him a little bit so that he doesn't feel like he's in prison.  And there are "visiting hours" in which we have him interact with one of the cats, usually Charlotte.  Charlotte is the queen, and the one that is going to have the hardest time adjusting to having a new cat around... she is not used to having her authority questioned!

And she was more than happy to assert her authority... over and over and over again.  She growled at him in a way that made her sound like something out of a horror movie.  He DID back off a little, so I'm hoping that means that the pecking order is slowly being established.

Strangely enough, he is not at all afraid of the dog.  Jeff said that they were nose to nose, checking each other out the other night.   We are keeping a close watch on Argos, though, because at least in the beginning, he thought that it was acceptable to chase Romeo.  I think he "gets it" now, though, that the "No Kitty" rule applies to Romeo too.  Just a few more reminders and I'll feel reassured that he really REALLY gets it, though.

I swear, I feel like a diplomat trying to broker peace between two countries in the middle-east... more pictures to come.  I do have more pics of everyone, but haven't gotten them onto the computer yet.  Soon!

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