Sunday, June 20, 2010

Petco Meet & Greet

I just thought that I would make a brief update to say that Argos did very well at the meet & greet yesterday.  He was friendly towards people of all ages and sizes, as well as their dogs when they brought them in.  Even though they had the Pomeranian rescue group right next to us!

There was another greyhound and her person with us, so we weren't trying to do it all ourselves.

And there were little Italian Greyhounds there!  I knew that they were smaller versions of a standard greyhound, but I had no idea of how tiny they were...  I guess I always pictured them about Whippet-sized.  These were more like very slender, long-legged chihuahuas.  Very cute and well-behaved.

Argos had a blast.  He enjoyed all of the attention, but we also bought him a red lobster squeaky toy.  He's been playing with that thing all day today.  It makes me laugh to see him at it, backside up in the air, tail wagging.  *chomp squeak * chomp squeak * chomp squeak*

The only time that we had to actively "reel" him in was when he spotted a white mousey in one of those glass cages.  He raced over there and had his snout pressed up against the glass staring in.  He tried to go back over there a few times, but eventually gave up on us, realizing, no doubt, that we were big party-poopers and weren't going to get him a mouse.

Anyway, we will definitely volunteer for meet & greets in the future.  It's good to know that he can handle it - and really, it's for a good length of time - two hours - so he doesn't start to lose patience and want to go home.


  1. We used to be set up for our meet and greets right next to the ferret cage! Seriously! What were they thinking?