Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winding Things Down

Tomorrow, the husband and I leave for beautiful, sunny Jamaica, to attend a wedding and to enjoy a few days on the beach.  I've never taken a vacation like this...  and am really looking forward to the time away.  That it is in such a beautiful location won't hurt!  Everyone keep fingers crossed that flights and connecting flights and shuttles and taxis and transportation oh my all work out and that we get to our destination safely and without drama.

None of the animals are coming with us (for some reason, the airline balked at letting me put the greyhounds under our seats, haha) so we're in the process of making sure that everyone is going to be taken care of.

Even though the kittens could have used another week with me to get over their URIs, another foster mom came and picked them up from our house Monday evening.  I was sad to see them go, but with the looming vacation, I needed to be sure that they were somewhere that was not the shelter until they were healthy again.  I will miss the little ones!  Kittens are a lot of work, but I found it so rewarding when they started responding to me.  I feel like I pushed them out the door as adoption-ready as they can possibly be, so my job there is done.  *sniffle*

The dogs are going to be kenneled at the Golden Bone Pet Resort.  This also happens to be the place that donates space for the adoptable greyhounds of Steel City Greyhounds, so both dogs are at least somewhat familiar with it, and are content enough while they are there.  (Though of course they would rather be with us.)  The two times we've had to board them they stayed there.  Who knows, they may enjoy the heated walkways so much that they don't want to come home!  Anyway, we will take them over there later this afternoon.

We're doing WHAT?

Moo-ooom!  I want to go to Jamaica too!
Which leaves us with just the cats on our last night before the flight (they will be so pleased.)  They will stay here at the house - there's no sense in upsetting them by uprooting them.  The dogs can be reasonably content anywhere as long as they're fed and someone pays attention to them.  The cats...  would be completely traumatized by the environment change.  So my wonderful mom-in-law has agreed to come in and take care of them for us.

We don't travel very often, and it's mostly because it's difficult to leave the animals behind.  I always worry about them, and worry that they will think that they've been abandoned.  That Charlotte will get sick while we're gone.  That there will be thunderstorms and Argos will be afraid and alone.  Which is why I'm taking a deeeeep breath, and putting it all out of my mind.

I will not post this week and weekend, but I'm sure that I will when we get back next week.  (It's not a long trip.)  I'll talk to everyone then!


  1. Bon voyage. Have a fantastic time. You enjoy that weather and laid-back island vibe! Kids: Cope! Mommy & Daddy will come back safely and all will be well.

  2. Have a great time and travel safe. Hopefully you will get to soak up some sun :)

  3. I completely understand ... and although I love to travel, there is always at least a drop or two of bitter along with the sweetness of the adventure, because I hate to leave the animals and miss them terribly when I'm gone. My worry about them has been more or less put to rest by having found a wonderful pet sitter who comes and stays at the house so that all of them can stay home in their familiar environment with one another for company. Makes my vacation much more enjoyable! Bon voyage to you, and a safe return!

  4. Have a great time. Sounds like the pups will be well cared for.

  5. I'm sure they all will be OK.
    Go and enjoy your vacations

  6. Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the warmth and sun. I know how hard it is to leave your loved ones and not worry about them, but do your best to try and have some fun. Paws crossed for a safe and easy trip.

    It's been so long for us I didn't know they still made vacations. lol!

  7. Sounds like you've thought of everything to make sure your furries are well-taken care of while you are away! Enjoy your vacation! :)

  8. Sunshine and warmth! We know you're having a good time and all the animals are fine!