Saturday, January 28, 2012 - A Review

I was asked to write an honest review of, a website that sells pet food and treats, and other supplies.  (Full disclosure:  I was given a $50 coupon for this review.)

But even with the coupon offer, I never would have gone through with it and gotten to the point of writing a review if I couldn't say anything good about it, or if I felt uncomfortable recommending the site to my friends.

As it was...  I LOVED it!  It has every kind of pet food imaginable, for both dogs and cats, whether you're looking for dry food or canned or treats.  There's also kitty litter and potty pads and flea and tick treatments available.

First, the website experience itself was great.  It was very easy to navigate, and I was able to quickly find the brands and types that I needed.  This particular shopping trip, I decided to shop for cat food, as we're nearing the end of our current bag.  We feed our cats Nutro Natural Choice/Healthy Weight dry food, and I was able to find it right away on the site.  And they even sell it in the 15 lb. bags!  (I can't say how much I appreciate this.  In my experience, when shopping at other pet websites, I'm forced to buy smaller bags.  When you're feeding three cats and the occasional foster, anything smaller than the 15 lb. bags just doesn't seem worth it!)  I topped off my order with some dog and cat treats to surprise my gang with.  There are over 70 brands to choose from, so if you feed your dogs or cats commercial pet food, chances are your favorite brand is here!

The prices were at least comparable, and in many cases, cheaper, than I've found elsewhere.  And what's more...  any orders over $50 ship for free.  And I don't know about you, but it's a rare day that I ever go on a  pet food/pet supply shopping expedition and spend less than $50.

It was easy to check out and make my purchase.

Another thing not related to the product, but to me just as valuable is the tone of the website.  It's very friendly and laid-back and upbeat.  It makes me feel good to shop there.

So you should definitely check it out yourself.  As for me and my cats, we'll be anxiously awaiting those bags arriving on the front porch in a few days!  It was not lost on me that by shopping this way, I save myself carrying the bags up our external stairs from the car.  (I still have to carry them up to the second floor of the house.  Oh, who am I kidding?  My husband still has to carry them to the second floor!)  Once we go through our current bags of cat litter, believe you me, I will be doing it this way.


  1. We has readed so many good things about Mr chewy! We will has to go has a look!

  2. This appeals to my laziness. Let me know if it delivers on time. That's the real key to this...

    1. Well, they shipped out today, just one day after I ordered them. They're sending it Fedex, and I have some tracking numbers. Sounds like it will arrive very quickly!

    2. Update: The goodies arrived today! I ordered on Sunday, got everything on Tuesday. Perfect!