Monday, January 2, 2012

Maera Spazzes Out

Oh, the things that can make you laugh.  

Maera can make me laugh, because she is such a goofball.  Please enjoy this short clip that shows Maera's personality perfectly.  

Please excuse the trashbag out in the middle of my yard.  I am really not a redneck.  There is a hole in the middle of the yard, thanks to Mr. Argos, and because I am "blessed" with clay, it is not draining.  And Miss Maera likes to drink out of it and make herself sick.  

So until I can fill in the hole, this bag of leaves (or something else more attractive, if I can think of it) is staying there.

Okay *sigh* that is kind of redneckish.


  1. LOL!! I can see Layla doing something like that. At least your leaves are bagged, you're quite a few steps ahead of me! I've *begged* Pat to get rid of the leaves. I offered to do it myself and he keeps telling me no. Well, obviously what that means is I'll have to do it myself anyway. I'd rather deal with him being mad at me for a few days than look at the leaves anymore!

  2. BOL! I so don't wear coats because I rip em off.

  3. I think she wanted a pink coat...just sayin'


  4. Maera, you are so silly! I guess you don't like that coat, huh? :)

  5. Perhaps she wanted her coat off! LOL! Funny!

    And I love the 'soundtrack'. :P

  6. Watching her with that coat was too cute!

  7. Ha! That was some great dancin and tail chasin fun! :D Luved your Mom's laugh too! :D

    Waggin at ya,