Friday, December 16, 2011

The Weekend Has Arrived (At Last!)

It is going to be a busy weekend, with holiday parties and general housework type things, and making sure that we keep all of our critters happy and well.

I promised the animals that this post would NOT be about the kittens, but let me just say this much.  Kittens:  I am in awe of your mighty destructive prowess.  I think that these six little bitties managed to completely trash my bathroom in about twenty minutes tonight when I let them out to run and play.  Let's see...  one dived head first into the water bowl, sending water SLOSHING all over the floor.  After which the others, delighted at this, splashed and pounced happily through the puddles as I was desperately searching for a towel to clean up.  And then ran through their litter box.  So not only was my bathroom dripping with water, but it was now completely tracked up with wet clay litter!  They managed to climb into the trashcan, climb into the holder for the toilet scrubber, and one of them figured out how to slide under the radiator, which meant that they all caught on to that little game quickly.

Here is a picture of them being a little more sedate:

But anyway.  About my non-kitten post.  My other animals want for me to tell you how they are doing.  So.  In no particular order:

Argos and Maera are becoming better and better friends.  There are still little spats now and again, but I'm pleased with how well they get along.  Maera becomes positively distraught when Argos leaves without her, which he's done a couple of times:  once to go to the vet for his annual check-up, and once to go to the Meet & Greet at Ross Park Mall last week.  Jeff reports that she cries when we leave, and seems generally depressed about it until we get back.

Mommmmm, she's got cooties!
Bit and Annie have always been fast-friends, but they have been best friends lately.  Probably because they think I'm terrible for bringing the Tiny Menaces into the house.

Charlotte is herself.  She seems annoyed at the time that we spend behind closed doors with the kittens. (I'm quarantining them for at least a few days before I even let our cats in the same room, to make sure that they're not incubating kitty colds.)  She threw up a little earlier, which has me mildly concerned.  Any change in Charlotte's health is something that worries me.  I keep telling myself that all cats occasionally throw up, and hers even looked like it was at least partially a hairball.  Normal cat malady, Mel.  Take a deep breath.  All the same, Jeff and I have agreed that she's sleeping with us tonight so that we can be aware of any additional troubles.  (Her congestive heart failure was misdiagnosed as attempts to cough up hairballs, originally.  That being said, back then, her coughing never actually PRODUCED a hairball, it just sounded like it.)

Charlotte is unconcerned about my concern.
Maera continues to do well.  We've given her a bit more freedom this week to choose which room she wants to be in.  In the past, she was always required to stay with one of us, because I didn't quite trust her not to harass the cats or to get into things that she shouldn't.  I trust her with the cats now, and am learning to keep certain things out of temptation's reach, so now want to wean her off of being in the room with us at all times.  Frequently, she does choose to lie down on our bed in our bedroom while we're in the study in the next room, so that's a step towards more independence.

OK, this picture has nothing to do with Maera's independence, but it amuses me.  I think she's doing an iPhone intervention with me.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend, and that you are able to lavish your furry friends with love and attention and affection.  I know that I plan to!


  1. With all those critters to look after, you must be busy indeed. Reading the latest kitten story, I could just see them joyfully causing chaos!

  2. What a beautiful family! I'm sure the kittens had a blast and probably thought you didn't have enough to do.

    Just stopping by from the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

  3. I can only imagine what fun the tots are gonna be when they get a little bigger!
    Fingers crossed for Charlotte, and I notice you STILL don't get to sit on your sofa, heh heh.

  4. Well -- I haven't caught up with you in a while, so I'm gasping (again) with amazement that you actually can foster. Wow, you really are challenging yourself with the little babies. I'm so excited to be in on this next adventure! And your family-of-origin kids look like they're doing great. And hopefully Charlotte too. Breath a bit bated on that one. Please keep us informed.

  5. Ahhhhhh. Lots of peaceful animals. Bliss.

  6. boo the weekend is over already :(

    Stop on by for a visit