Thursday, December 15, 2011


Our kitten babies are doing well.  They eat like little horses, and are just so adorable that I want to snuggle with them all.  They're still not too certain that THEY want to snuggle with ME, though, but a couple of the bolder ones seem to be coming around.  I think I even heard a tiny purr coming from one.

Jeff built a carpeted "kitten shelf" to put in their Kitten Containment Unit.    It took them awhile to figure out how to use it.

The first to figure it out:
I am the 1%!
The rest of them figuring it out (with a little help from my husband):

They are lovely.  I have no idea of how I'm going to be able to tell them all apart enough to accurately name them though!  There are two fluffies and four short-hairs, that much I can see.  But there isn't much color variation here to work with.  I know that there are two boys and four girls.  I can't wait to name them!

The dogs are cheerfully oblivious that we have other creatures in the house, though I do get sniffed from head to toe when I leave the kitten room.  The cats have suspicions, but choose to not be too concerned about it until they actually see proof.  They were all glaring at that closed door this morning, though, when they heard the kittens playing with a jingle ball...


  1. They are so cute. But me is still glad they is at your house.

  2. You are certainly going to have your hands full when they all come around!! They look like they are thinking about it in the last picture. :)

    One thing I never had the blessing of is being around a litter of kittens. Enjoy all that purring love. :)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. :D When would be a good time that we could come over and help kitten sit? And greyhound sit. And, well, hug fuzzies. :D ?

  4. Yep - the jingle ball - first indication the kittens are relaxing in their new environment. :) Mom had a similar litter of foster kittens and had to resort to collars.