Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reasons to Have Multiple Pets

Many people think that we're crazy for having a houseful of animals, and well, they may have a point there.  But I wouldn't give it up for anything, as I'm sure most of you would agree.  I've been mulling over a list for a few weeks now, and would like to provide it to you.  Reasons to have multiple animals.  Some reasons are more serious than others.

1.  You never, ever have to sleep alone.  There is always SOMEONE who wants to snuggle up beside you.

2.  You never, ever have to go to the bathroom alone.  I don't know.  Maybe this isn't such a good one to include in the list.  Even if it is true.

3.  Their antics will make you laugh.

4.  Their interactions with one another will give you plenty of insight into the human condition.  Since I've had my animals, I've become much better at stripping the varnish and gloss from people's words, and seeing the truth underneath it all.  We're not so different from them.

5.  You save multiple lives by adopting them.

6.  You will never ever have an excuse to be bored again.

7.  You will become great friends with the workers at your local Petco or similar store.  Between dog kibble, cat kibble, canned cat food, cat litter, toys, training treats, litter box deodorizer, enzymatic cleaner, etc. etc., it is a rare weekend that we don't have to pop in.

8.  If you have dogs, you will get to know every dog owner on your block, in your dog park, etc.  They will know your dog's name, and if you're lucky, will remember yours.

9.  It's tremendously fun to see a new animal's personality emerging as he or she gets more comfortable around you.

10.  They are all so excited to see you when you get home, and compete for your attention throughout the day.  It's difficult to not be flattered by this, even if you do sometimes have to put the brakes on the competitive attention-hogging for them.

11.  You will wonder what you ever talked about before getting the animals.

12.  You will find yourself saying things that you'd never dreamed of before:  "Maera, get your head out from under the radiator" was the winning phrase of the day here.

13.  You will never be cold again.

14.  It will make your heart grow.

OK, I'm sure that most of these are true even if you have one pet... no judgment if you decide to stick with one!  But if you DID want to sneak in a second, or third, or fourth...  maybe one of these reasons will be your justification?  (Me, the Enabler.)


  1. A most wonderful list you compiled.
    Miss Enabler... i wish to tell you that... i might get a two or three or four... one day. But at the moment we have to go with one as we travel quite a bit up and down between states.. its easier to move around with one at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Our pets are family and sure did make our heart grow.

  2. What a great list! I could relate to all 14 on your list!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Nellie's Mom

  3. How true! Due to multiple cats, i have not started the heating yet: either I moving around, or if i'm resting. There are two cats on my lap and feet within seconds...

  4. We agree with all of your points and they play a big part in why we're thankful today. But, Julie says, we're stopping at 4 (if only love were cash..)!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Tom, Mittens, Julie (human), Tinker and Anastasia.

  5. BOL!! That Maera is so quirky. That line about her head under the radiator cracked me up!

    Don't forget that there will always be someone underfoot who you have to watch and not to trip over!

    We agree, what a great list! I never imagined having this many, but I definitely can't imagine any less!!

    Hope you are have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Wonderful post! All good reasons to have more than one. I stopped at three but only because of financial considerations. I would love to have a house full, because they are what makes a house a home.

    I saw a hilarious Cheezburger cartoon that explains why cats always need to accompany you to the bathroom. Three cats were outside the door asking to be let in because "You maybe fall in. Den who feed us?!"

  7. Those are great reasons to have multiple pets! We love it when our cats serve as little bed warmers, especially in the winter. And we always love seeing them in the sun puddles together ... it makes us smile every time.