Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall in the House

As the seasons turn, things start to change in the House of Carnivores.  As it gets cooler, it is rare for me to wake up without cats curled up behind my knees, beside my torso, and sometimes snuggled up to the back of my head.  The dogs are friskier in the backyard, and run kicking through the leaves, in their still awkward playing style... a combination of nipping each other and RUNNING away, and sometimes getting mad at one another for nipping too hard.

Maera got to see her first snowfall last weekend, which came before the leaves started to fall,  (Luckily for us, even if it snowed enough to give us about an inch, it all melted within hours.)

Windows are closed, and cats are a little more interested in hanging out on top of the radiator covers these days...  they are actually putting off heat, after all.

I do always mourn the loss of summer and its green growing things, but I have to admit, it is a cozy feeling as we close up the house and start preparing for winter.  Very homey.  I've been cooking a lot of comfort foods (which is in a way unfortunate, as I am TRYING to lose weight for a trip to Jamaica in a few months.)  And I'm inside more often, which means that I get to enjoy the company of the cats more often.  And we've finally hit that "golden" stretch of fall where there is blue sky and bright sunshine that seems to make the colors on the trees glow almost like fire.

Oh, and Patches is back.  Just for a couple of days while my mother-in-law is away at a conference.

So enjoy a collection of my fall photos:

First, some fall color.
Now on to the animals...

The first thing that Patches did upon his return was to prove his dominance over the dogs.
While Charlotte carved out more of her kingdom...  elsewhere.

Why did no one TELL us that this is a throne?
Mitchell finds the sweet spot:  warm towels stacked on top of warm radiator.
My 65 lb lap-dog.
Jeff's rather shameless 65 lb lap-dog.

Argos and Maera model their winter coats on a cold day
And Annie steals Charlotte's basket.
And here is a picture of Bit, hiding from the camera:  Ok.  There is no picture of Bit.  She kept running away whenever she saw the purple case of my iPhone.


  1. What? A camera-shy animal? We have one of those too. Great pics! Does that one kitty flush the "throne?"

  2. THRONE. ha ha ha! For some reason this really tickled my funnybone, and Jeff, perched on a tiny corner of the sofa...priceless!

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like the menagerie that mom really wants. Right now it's me and 3 kitties. She wants to bring another pup home someday, but thinks I may not approve!
    And we know a camera shy dog! Mom never saw an animal react like that, but if she takes her camera out, Rascal slinks away as fast as he can!
    Glad we found you via the Blog hop!

  4. Everyone looks all nice and cozy. I don't really like winter and my cats detest the snow. But it comes every year regardless, so I guess there isn't much we can do except put up with it!

  5. really nice Fall pictures! i especially like the picture of them in their coats. so cute and warm!

  6. We love your fall pictures! We really like the fall here, but don't particularly care for winter. LOL about your 65-lb. lapdog!

  7. In CT we got hit pretty hard with that winter storm, I'm glad you did not.

    We had indoor camping for 7 days!

    You have some very lovely photographs.