Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I hope that everyone (that celebrates it, that is) was able to feast today, and to spend time with loved ones, furred and not so furred.

Our Thanksgiving was a quiet one, as they tend to be.  Three humans and one cat, at my mother-in-law's.  You might remember that my mother-in-law's one cat is Patches, an alumnus of the House of Carnivores.  For those who have started reading late, Patches was a foster-cat at our house for six months.  My mother-in-law liked him, and so now he is in his forever home with her!

Here he is.  You'd almost think that HE was the one that was stuffed full of turkey and carb-heavy (but tasty!) food.

Patches, sleeping.
Patches is one of those cats that is a good lesson:  sometimes it is GOOD to let go and let one of the kitties go on to their destiny, even if that is with someone else.  He was reasonably content in this house, but he is very obviously HAPPY at my mom-in-law's.  He was far more relaxed without having to constantly assert his dominance over another cat, and seemed pleased with the amount of space that he has to romp with.  And he seems very fond of his new person as well.

I had planned to take advantage of the daylight hours home and get some new pictures of everyone when the lighting was good, but those plans were shot by a late afternoon nap that went on just a little too long...  ah well.  It was a good nap!

Again, happy Thanksgiving to all!  I am thankful for all of you, and for the support network that you are part of.  It has really been good for me to get to know so many people with animals; it's been such a learning experience!


  1. We are glad the day went well. And is it not grand when thoings turn out for the best?

  2. I think Patches likes being the center of attention!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I also like a nice, quiet thanksgiving. A great time to relax away from work! I'm so happy that Patches is loving her new home and that everyone is doing well this holiday!

  4. And I appreciate you too, so much -- I never tire of saying so. Happy days.

  5. Aw .. Patches does look happy.

    We had that lesson once. We took on a pure white cat and loved her despite her very strange ways and very un-catly unclean-ness. But it wasn't until I became very allergic to cats and reluctantly decided to rehome her with a friend of my MIL that we realised that while she had been OK with us, she was not truly happy. In her new home she really blossomed!

    We'd had cats before, perfectly happy cats - it wasn't as if we didn't know how to care for them and love them, but Pooka needed ... someone different!

    Came over on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

  6. Happy late Thanksgiving

    Stop on by for a visit