Saturday, March 6, 2010


Oh, by the way, Charlotte seems to be in good health, or as good of health as we could expect, with her heart condition.  Whatever was wrong with her the other day, with the coughing and sneezing seems to have passed.  So now we're settled back into daily life with her - lasix and benazipril in the mornings, just lasix at night, and every third day, some liquified aspirin at night.

Do you know that the compounding pharmacy will flavor the mixtures that they compound any way that you like them?  Ours actually has some "pet friendly" flavors.  I think the current batch is cheese flavored, but we've had fish and chicken in the past.  Not that any of this really matters.  Charlotte objects to the medicine on principal.

Here is a somewhat older picture of her (from last year) but it is one that I like.  The look on her face is just... her.  It really captures her personality.

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