Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bag Fetish

No, not me.  Charlotte.  Ever since we first got her, she has been obsessed with plastic bags.  OBSESSED.  She will rub her head all over one, lay on it, stick her head inside, lick it from the inside.  We quickly learned that we absolutely cannot leave her unsupervised with a plastic bag in the room.

She knows when I go grocery shopping, and if at all possible, waits for me at the front door of the house.  Not to see me, but to get to the bags.  She impatiently waits for me to put them on the floor, and then goes in amongst them, purring madly, and rubbing herself on all of them.

So it shouldn't have surprised me this morning...  I was making lunches, and I kept hearing a strangely familiar rasping sound.  Couldn't quite place it though.  Finally, it was starting to aggravate me enough that I started looking around.

Charlotte had found the blue trashbag that I had hanging on the closet doorknob, to put recycling in.  She was sitting beside it, alternately rubbing her face on the plastic and LICKING the plastic.  Which was the source of the rasping.

I stood there staring at her for a moment, and muttered, "Freak."

She stared back at me insolently and then began to lick the plastic again.

Am I the only one that gets animals with psychological disorders, or are they all like that?

Okay, this isn't the recycling bag, but it's the only picture I have of her with a bag.  Note the head inside of the handles.

And no, we never, ever leave her unattended with a bag.  We don't want for the kitty to suffocate herself.


  1. I thought my cat, Artemis, was the only one who did that! He curls up inside plastic bags and takes a nap. I sneak over and poke holes in it to make sure he doesn't suffocate. Haha

  2. Aww, we should get them together for a bag party. Weirdos. :)