Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where have I been?

That is the question of the day, isn't it?

Any who have been following this blog for a time know that Charlotte, my heart-cat, died in early June.  It is something that I still struggle with, off and on.  Charlotte was such a part of this household that we all feel her loss, every day.

And I didn't realize what she was to this blog.  It's like the motivation to write just got sapped out of me.  Maybe it's coming back now, maybe.  It's not like I don't love my other animals dearly, and that they haven't given me things to write about.  I just haven't had the heart to actually write them.

We'll see.  I make no promises.

In the interim, I left you hanging about the feral kitties.  Mama cat, named Snow, was released in our backyard after she recovered from her spay surgery.  We feed her daily, and are going to be making a warm covered structure for her soon, now that all of our vacation stuff is over.  So she'll have a warm place to sleep at night when it starts to get cold (assuming that she consents to sleep in what we provide for her.)  She is slowly losing her fear of us, and doesn't completely run away when we come outside (she'll usually run off of the porch, but linger within eyesight until we go back into the house.)

The kittens are still being rehabilitated.  As I understand it, they are not making progress very quickly, but they are making progress nonetheless.  I am pleased that someone is working with them.

The dogs are doing well - we just got back from a vacation away in a cabin, and we took the dogs with us.  Argos is showing some signs of age, and a possible worrisome health issue - the vet took a blood sample to test for various things, because he's lost about 6 pounds since the last vet visit.  They thought that the sample looked like his thyroid levels are lower than usual (even for a greyhound, I guess, which are traditionally low anyway) and that his blood sugar might be low as well.  We need to take him back in one evening this week to have a vet tech draw some more blood to take a closer look.  Fingers crossed that it's nothing serious!  (My thought is that he lost a bit of weight this time of year last year as well - all of the thunderstorms make him nervous, and he often refuses to eat when the weather conditions are right for one to brew up.)

When I get a chance I will post some pictures from our vacation.


  1. Oh how glad I am to see this post. I checked back from time to time, during your hiatus, and sent you silent paw-pats . . . So glad for the update about the ferals -- and paws crossed for dear Argie-Bargie. Please keep us out here informed!

  2. I know what you mean. It's also a matter of losing the rhythm or the habit of writing and trying to find a new inspiration. I hope you do.

  3. Six pounds is a lot to lose from stress! Yikes! I hope that Argos is alright.

    My sister took in a feral kitten this summer, although he was the oddball out of his litter and always did like being with people, perhaps because he was the runt. Anyway, the rest of them ran off, but he's living the life of Riley with my sister and her other cat, and recently got busted trying to bring a dead chipmunk into the house!

  4. I understand your feelings regarding your blog in connection to Charlotte. I lost my heart cat, Abby on Aug 12th but in my case I find that I connect with her through her blog. It helps me keep her memories alive. I too am struggling with her loss, even though we have four other cats here in our home with us. I am still counting the days, today is day 49. I hope for you to be able to travel on and make new memories and that Charlotte will sustain you.


  5. We totally understand. Surely you'll find your rhythm again at some point, but there's no rush. We will be here whenever you are ready. Big hugs to you.

  6. Pictures! Pictures! We are not as understanding as meowmeowmans! We have totally missed you!