Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Lady Down on her Luck

My parents are trying their best to locate a home for a stray that has wandered up onto their porch.  

She really needs to find a place before winter, because as anyone who has spent any time in Missouri in winter knows, it can get quite brutal there.  They can't take her in themselves, due to cat dynamics - their current cats don't like her.  

Edith Ann, as she has been named, has been on her own for quite some time, and has had a rough time of it.  Because of that, she's a little hissy and defensive at times, though would clearly LIKE to have a human of her own to trust, because she does like to be petted, and will purr if she gets any attention.  My own opinion, without having met her myself, just based on other cats I've known,  is that I'm sure that the hissy part would fade given time in a home of her own.

Can anyone help out this little lady?  She is currently living in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  


  1. Oh she is a beauty. Too bad Kansas and Utah are so far apart. But then she would probably hate living with us at the kennel. Even Allred left eventually.
    We hope she finds a wonderful home.

  2. Praying for a wonderful loving home for her.

  3. I wish her lots of good luck finding a home! What a cutie!

  4. Edith Ann is beautiful. We have our paws and fingers crossed that she finds a forever home really soon.