Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Sadness

One of our foster kittens, Amelia, isn't doing well.  She's had diarrhea for a few days now, and when the shelter's vet looked at her yesterday, she didn't have a good prognosis for her.  Amelia's intestines are very full, which probably means there's something blocking the natural process, which is probably a tumor.  If this is the case, then little Amelia probably isn't going to make it.  We have her on a low dose of prednisone with hopes that it will bring down intestinal swelling.  I imagine that we'll know in a couple of days if that is working or not.

So keep your fingers crossed for her.  She's so small and frail looking after even just a few days, and it breaks my heart.  If her siblings weren't doing so well, I'd feel like a failure as a foster parent.  (I know, logically, that it isn't my fault.  That doesn't make it any easier to swallow that I might not be able to help her.)  But we're going to try.  Our ray of hope is that she is alert, curious, eager to interact with her environment, and is eating and drinking.   Jeff said it best yesterday when he said that as long as she was willing to fight, we were willing to do whatever we can to help her.

The photo is of Amelia sitting on my lap while I watch t.v.  With greyhounds in the background because... well, because that's just how life in my house goes!

The other foster kittens are probably going back to the shelter as soon as I can get them in for spaying and neutering.  I haven't had them weighed yet, but judging from the past couple of litters I've had come through here, there's no way that they're not two pounds each.  And I should add, SO cute and adorable.  The whole litter is so affectionate.  They're always giving me nose bumps and nose kisses, and all of them have climbed up to nuzzle my face.  Even Amelia, as poorly as she is feeling.  They should get adopted so quickly.

Something that will please Bit greatly.  She is upset that we're spending so much time in the "kitten room."  And last night she was furious that I was holding Amelia while I watched t.v.  She wants to remind us all that SHE is the princess of this household.

So again, please send good thoughts Amelia's way.  And enjoy your Sundays.


  1. Paws crossed for Amelia.

  2. Fingers crossed for Amelia. I'm sure you're doing your best for her

  3. Purrs to you and Amelia. It can be so hard...the little ones tug at your heart. I am presuming everyone was dewormed - we have changed up to panacur sometimes if it doesn't work. Hopefully it is something simple and she will be ok..... But rest assured that being safe and loved means everything right now.

  4. Good luck to Amelia! I hope she's feeling better soon!

  5. Poor little Amelia! Chances are she can pull through...those little guys can be really tough!

  6. Poor little gal! I am keepin' my paws crossed for her, that the medicine helps and she can make it. It can be really hard when you do all you can, and it still just isn't enough. I will be sendin' AireZens Amelia's way.



  7. Poor little love! I hope she will be ok!! xx

  8. Mel will probably be along to post something tonight, but Amelia took a turn for the worse over the weekend. This morning we got a second opinion from our personal vet, who believes that she had an extreme case of intussusception, that she was not likely to survive surgery for it, and that we would probably not have been able to help her even if it had been diagnosed early on.

    I stayed with her until the end, just like I promised, and then brought her home and laid her to rest in the shade, near Romeo and Guido.

    Goodbye, Amelia.