Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Reason I Haven't Been Blogging (as much)

I seem to be just full of reasons for not blogging faithfully this year, but this time I assure you, it's a really really really good reason.  OK - they were good reasons in the past as well.  But THESE reasons are tiny and fluffy and infinitely cuddle-worthy.

Yes, we took in a another litter of foster kittens.  As you can see, these little fuzzies were quite scared the first night that we took them in (Tuesday.)  It just broke my heart.  Unlike the last group (and the first group, to be honest) that we fostered, who were wary of me the first night, but obviously had been socialized and warmed up quickly...  these guys were found stray in someone's yard.  Their only exposure to people had been getting captured and transported to the shelter, getting their exams and shots and blood tests and microchips at the shelter, then loaded up by me and taken through a punishing thunderstorm to my house.  So they were terrified Tuesday night.

And they are slowly, slowly warming up to us.  We'll each hold one (or two) while we're watching t.v. to let them get used to us, and to being handled by humans.  They're starting to enjoy the attention, though they're still a bit skittish when I'm trying to pick them up.

The biggest one, a female, we've named Rogue.  I think that she's the shyest of the bunch, though is quite adventurous in other ways.  This is her, learning that human laps can be nice places to rest.  Even if the human keeps doing alarming things with its hands, like taking pictures.

The smallest, the gray one, is now Jean.  You can see her here on my lap, tolerating me giving her hoods out of the blanket.  You can also see that Maera is fascinated with her.  She really, really, really wants to play with the kittens, and is upset with us that we won't let her. I just have no way of knowing that she completely understands that these little guys are be treated gently, and that they are not just really sweet squeaky toys.

Unfortunately, as soon as we took them out of their carrier on Tuesday night, I saw that one of them was favoring her back leg, unwilling to put any weight on it.  We both gently felt the leg for breaks and didn't find anything obvious.  We waited a day just to see if it was something that would self-correct, but it didn't.  Jeff took her to the shelter vet on Thursday, where they x-rayed the leg after putting her under anesthesia.  Come to find out, it's a minor problem:  a small tear in her achilles tendon (ouch!) but it's also one that requires that she not move her leg.

How, you might ask, do you prevent a kitten (who we named Storm, by the way) from moving her leg?

By putting an enormous bandage on that forces her to keep her leg extended.  She has to wear it like this for quite a long time, too.  We're taking her back in a week to get the leg checked out, and then rebandaged.  I am assuming that we'll keep repeating this cycle until she's able to put weight back on her foot.

The only one that I don't have a picture of here (yet) is the only male of the litter, who we named Logan.  He was the only one to actually hiss at me when I went to take him out of the cage.  (He is far less hissy now.)  He is still a bit frightened of us, but once one of us has picked him up and snuggled him up against us, he relaxes and purrs and enjoys the warmth.

We have a little more work to do with socializing them, but they're going to be lovely pets for someone when they gain their confidence.  They're already very sweet, and despite their fear, are very gentle with us.  To think that their lives have been completely disrupted from where they WERE going is amazing to me.  I think that we all know what happens when kittens grow up stray...  if they've never had the opportunity to interact positively with humans, then they become feral.  So here's four little lives that are no longer going to be feral.  My hopes for them:  a home for each, with a good family, soft, warm and sunny places to sleep,  full bowl of food every day, and all of the cuddles and petting and attention that they could possibly want.


  1. Sweet kitties. I can not imagine a little one like that having to have the leg all bandaged up for so long.

  2. What a wonderful thing you are doing for these feral kittens. They are all so beautiful and hopefully will be tame and ready for a new home soon. Good luck to little Storm. I can't imagine a kitten having to stay still or carry that load around with her. Hope it heals faster than they expect.

  3. great save.... yep - those hissy kittens make mom smile. And the reward of getting the hissy ones to convert to lovey kittens is so rewarding!!!

  4. Oh, my goodness ... there is just nothing like a kitten to melt the heart, as far as I'm concerned. Not even puppies, and that is WITH the most ambrosial scent on the planet, puppy breath! Olivia, Tanner, and Finn all started life out as feral kittens, and sometimes when I watch them parading through the house, infinitely at ease with their world and secure of their place in it, it literally can stop my breath to think of how differently their lives might have turned out. They are lucky indeed, that things went the other way, but I, quite honestly, am even luckier. And someone out there is going to be VERY lucky to get these little gems! We can't wait for future updates!

  5. You should have put a cuteness warning!
    I woild not do much apart from cuddling them, if I were at your home.
    Poor little girl with the bandage

  6. They have come to the right place :)))

  7. Hee hee! I love the X-Men theme! They are SO stinking cute! We were at Petsmart today and there were three kittens playing like gangbusters and I was totally smitten. Some curmudgeon from our house still says "no" though. :-/

    Here's a little story that I think you will find extremely amusing, although Argos and Maera may have to avert their eyes! I thought of you when I read it. :)

  8. Oh! Babies! No wonder yous is busy.

  9. Those sure are some adorable foster kitties! We sure hope Storm's leg heals quickly. It's a real challenge to keep a kitten with a cast from wanting to run and jump with the others (we had this same situation at the shelter last year)! Hugs!

  10. SQEE!! more fluffy fosters.

    I'm guessing Storm's leg is immobile simply because it is in that great big pink cast.. I so hope she heals up right quick!

    Great name choices. I'm still floundering coming up with three for my three newest fosters.