Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dog Bed Annexing Sunday

Sleepy Sunday...  yes, maybe.  But the HoC cats are in fine form today...  they're taking over right and left and aren't going to tolerate the best beds in the house going to the dogs any longer.

Actually, the girl cats are just dominating the heck out of everyone.  I'm not sure that the "structured play" with Bit is lessening her desire to BEAT THE CRAP out of the fosters.  The following photo is Bit taking up her position in the entertainment center.  (Perhaps I'm tipping my hand and showing that I'm a bit of a geek with this observation, but I think that she looks for all the world like a Sith lord.)  She is waiting for foster cat Tom to walk by.  Since he frequently vocalizes as he walks (echolocation has been suggested)  we can all hear him coming towards us...  God help me.  Or him.

Despite this, it does seem like there is some give and take in her relationship with Tom.  Yes, she's tormenting him today, but I did see him do a very amazing leap off of three stairs to land on her back once, completely taking her by surprise.  So I'm not exactly sure what the score is, but it is certainly evenly matched.  Yesterday, no one fought at all.  So I'm keeping fingers crossed that today is an anomaly.

You'll note that none of these pictures is of poor Annie.  She tries to dominate every foster cat that comes through here, but always winds up being low cat on the totem pole.  Poor thing.  She's now sitting on the cat tree with her back to the entire room because she's upset at all of us.  The only creatures in the house that she can dominate, ironically enough, are the dogs.  They are terrified of her, and she revels in her power over them.  She sits on the back of the recliner, which they have to walk past to get into the house.  And once they walk beneath her, she whaps them on the back of their heads.  As soon as the dogs come in and see her sitting there, they start jostling each other, both trying to be the one that walks through Annie's "kill zone" the furthest away from her.

Good times.

Oh.  And you might ask... if the cats are on the dog beds, then where are the dogs sleeping?

Daddies make excellent  pillows.  Argos, not pictured, stole MY spot on the bed.  It was even still warm from where I was sleeping.

Update:  Oh, oh, oh!  I can't believe that I forgot to post this originally!  I got confirmation yesterday that Miss Junior, who was fostered here with her former housemate Tom, was adopted from the shelter on Friday!  Yay!


  1. I have to laugh! I too sleep on the dogs beds! I will cuddle with Cinnamon though.
    Have a great Day

  2. It is so much fun sleeping on someone else's bed!!

  3. Sometimes I think it would be easier for us to sleep on the dog beds and just give up the big bed to the dogs! lol

  4. Looks like a conspiracy: cats take over the dog beds, dogs take over the human beds, humans take whatever spots are left over.

  5. We get our beds from Costco too but the pups always prefer to sleep on top of humans

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Why is it that cats always seem to like the woofie beds the best? :)

    Yay for Miss Junior!!!

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