Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Are Like Gods

At least, from the perspective of the animals that are completely dependent upon us.

Although we'll never know EXACTLY how another species views the world, I've tried to get behind their eyes.  Have you ever wondered what they might be thinking when they see us doing things that we ourselves take for granted?

1.  Let's start with what's most important.  FOOD.  We have access to these marvelous cold boxes that contain food.  All we have to do is open the door and take it out.  It's no wonder that they want us to show them that "trick" over and over again throughout the day.

2.  Sometimes, people come to the door and give us food.  This much seem like such a wonderful thing to them... their people are being paid TRIBUTE by other lesser humans.  The same goes for any animal that's ever been in the back seat of the car when we go through a drive-through.  Amazing stuff!

3.  Our territories are enormous.  We can go anywhere we want, range as far away from home as possible, and no one stops or challenges us!

4.  We have remarkable cooling devices such as fans and AC units.  All of mine have been claimed by animals at the moment; each one has one of the fur-kids lying in front of it.

5.  Cars.  These things take us zipping across the ground faster than even a greyhound can run.  The greyhound thinks that's fantastic; it terrifies the cats.  Why we would ever want to leave the house is beyond them, why we ever insist on taking them with us is unthinkable.

6.  Dog and Cat Food.  We always seem to have food to give to them.  To them (if you're doing it right) it's a limitless supply of food for them, which they do not have to hunt, kill, or scavenge.

7.  Furniture.  Do you know how unbelievably soft and warm these things are?  They probably wonder why we humans ever get off of them.

8.  Garden hose.  Beautiful, cold, clear water, on command.  Whether this is intriguing or terrifying depends on the animal.

Those are the big ones that MINE are certainly enamored with.  There's probably tons of other stuff.  Most of the others that I could think of, though, my animals don't even seem to register.  (TV, music, etc.)

Is it any wonder then that they put up with all of our other foibles?  Why even an abused or neglected dog will often try desperately to curry favor with a human?  We ARE like gods to them.  Whether we are benevolent or malicious deities depends so much upon  us.

I recognize no god but myself, thank you.


  1. Oh, I know it! And we pick up their poop and carry it around like it's a treasure!

    I have to say, I definitely recommend the Thundershirt. It has a money back guarantee if it doesn't work, too, which is nice. Ours definitely helped Lilac a lot. There are still moments, but they are only moments and don't last long. It's nothing like it was before with the storms, and we had another doozy go through here again tonight. It's definitely worth the money I spent on that shirt!

  2. I like you vision from the doggies point of view, and from the cat's too...

  3. Haha.... the caption on the photo is perfect!

  4. They have the ability to make toys appear magically.

    I love your list.

  5. You're right, if our pets had a tendency to look for a deity, we'd be one of the top choices. And if we have a treat in our hand, they'd be willing to worship us like crazy until they get it.

  6. All true. The critters definitely think we're magic treat machines here :)