Friday, June 24, 2011

Interspecies Relationships

It's so odd how things happen.  We've had Argos for a year and a half, and he and the cats have tried very hard to ignore one another.  Their relationships weren't antagonistic, they just had very little to do with one another.  And in one day, we get all of these pictures...  go figure.

What is this...  Argos and... CHARLOTTE?  That's the pairing up that I never thought I'd see happen.  Charlotte just isn't the type.

What we think happened is, Argos jumped up to claim his usual spot at the end of the couch before he noticed that Charlotte was already there.  Instead of freaking out and jumping back down, he sandwiched himself in.  What surprises me is that Charlotte stayed up there, and looks reasonably calm about it.

Later that night, we had the foster cats downstairs with us to let them socialize with other humans besides us.  (We had a few friends, all cat-lovers, over.)  Mitchell and Patches have no fear of Argos.  As you can see with the pictures of Mitchell below.

Maybe if I close my eyes, he'll go away...

This picture just makes me smile.


  1. I love those unexpected moments. They are the best. Love the last picture, too cute!

  2. I think at some point, they lose their fear and decide to just take the risk when the love affair with the couch deepens! lol I know that happened with ours here! Not even fear of the cat could make them give up the couch!

  3. sweet! I luvs when the kittehs and doggies get along.

  4. Ears! How come ears get to me? The last picture! The ears! (OK. I am strange. We know this.)