Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Very Special Dogs

I am writing this blog post to tell about two very special dogs that both need homes.  Ideally, together, but not completely necessary.  But first, some background on where they come from.

Many of you may already know Chrystal, who writes the blog Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with Your Coffee.)    She is a private rescuer, who rescues dogs and cats and cares for them out of her own home while trying to find them permanent "forever homes."  She is one of those people who was born to do animal rescue, and she does it without the resources that the bigger rescue organizations have.  Over the course of the year, she has gotten more and more attention in the blogosphere, and they have placed several well-deserving kitties in loving homes, and have raised funds to build a shelter area for those that are still waiting for their forever homes.

She has two dogs that need to go to homes, both girls, named Muffin and Mandy.    Chrystal's daughters rescued these abandoned pups in the woods right before a snow storm - SIX years ago!  Mandy temporarily went to a home of her own, but when the owner passed away, was brought back to Chrystal.
Muffin has never been adopted, despite being a very sweet, loving dog.

If you've read Chrystal's blog, you know that these girls have a place with them for as long as is needed - but they can't be "house dogs."  And oh, do these girls really want to be someone's pets.  Though they are treated as lovingly as possible, and Chrystal and her family go out of their way to provide everything that these girls need - they just can't give them that.  They need for someone ELSE to step up.

Beautiful Mandy, with the soulful eyes.
At six years old, these girls are "over" the obnoxious puppy phase, but are not considered elderly by any stretch of the imagination.  They are very eager to please, and joyful at any attention that they receive from humans.

Loyal, faithful Muffin, eager for attention.

Why should we as fellow pet lovers and bloggers let their joy and their eagerness go unrewarded?  If you can offer one or both of them a home, you will be their best friend!  If you are like me, and cannot personally offer them a home - please, blog about them, tweet about them - help put the word out!

They are located in the Midwest.  But I do believe that they could work with you if you lived elsewhere - they certainly have transported kitties to other places to be adopted!

But don't just take my word for it - Chrystal herself has posted about them today.  Visit her blog for more details, at (With apologies to Chrystal for blatantly stealing her photos.)

For the story of TRIPLE rescue of these girls (first from the snowstorm, also from starvation, then from  mange) see the following:  The story begins here, but keep reading the posts immediately afterward to see more.


  1. I shared it on Twitter! I wish them much good luck, the poor girls!

  2. I so hope they are able to find forever homes for Muffin and Mandy. You're right, six years is way too long to go without permanence.

    We'll keep them in our purryers.

  3. They are adorable. I pray they will soon find the loving home they deserve.

  4. Those poor girls!! I wish I was young and rich b/c I would have a house full of probably sight hounds or part sight hounds!!
    I love them all so much tho!!!! Thanks for helping us celebrate our 13 years together!! She is a joy to live with and three people missed that!! We are hoping for another year together!!
    Lets not lose touch OK?
    xx,Bambi & Fern

  5. Melanie, I just heard yesterday of a guy who's in business down here (AR) transporting rescue-pups from here (where there's available animals & not enough market) to the Northeast part of the country (situation reversed). Shall I find out who that person is & put him together w/ Chrystal?