Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State of the House

Tonight didn't start out well.  Jeff had to drive home in a thunderstorm, which also brought very "interesting" hail for him to drive in.  By the time that he got into the house, Argos was practically out of his mind with fear.  (I was still at work, so couldn't be here to comfort him.)

He somehow got him to go outside for a potty break, but at this point he's completely refused to eat his dinner, and was even willing to run up the stairs past all of the cats (something he never does) in order to get to his sleeping crate to hide.  He's even refused to eat his treat.

He's calmed down a little bit now that the storm is over, and is curled up on the couch with me.  He keeps giving me sad looks, as if silently asking me why I caused such a scary storm.   *sigh* The downside to dogs thinking that we're something akin to gods.

Otherwise, we're all doing pretty well.

Maybe I was just punchy and tired the other day, but the following picture made me laugh for several minutes.  Not because Annie was hanging out on the couch arm, which she frequently does, but at the curious dog face in the background.  I call the picture  "Annie, with Accidental Argos."

Annie was far less amused with it, and turned to give him such a cold stare when she realized that I was not, actually, laughing at her but at him.

Get out of my picture, DOG!
Meanwhile, Charlotte has been uncommonly friendly, even clingy.  Last night she "guarded" me while I bathed, usually Annie's job, slept on the bed at least part of the night with us, and sat on my lap on the couch tonight while we watched some t.v.  I have no idea of what is up with that, not that I'm complaining.  Just really, really confused.
Burglar?  What burglar?

Don't get me wrong - she can and does show us affection, but it's always on her own terms, and she totally reserves the right to completely snub you.  But I haven't been snubbed for an entire week!  

And because no still photo can completely catch the intensity that Argos puts into his squeaky toys, here is a short clip of it.  Now think of this going on for about half an hour straight while you're trying to watch a movie or make a blog post or something of the sort!

I got this skunk from Drs. Foster and Smith on Friday, and Argos was over the moon about it.  He even insisted on taking it outside into the backyard with him the next morning, he was so loathe to be parted from it.  

Romeo is having a good week as well.  Last time we were at the vet, he mentioned in passing that Romeo seemed to be one of those cats that always had at least a mild case of conjunctivitis brewing in their eyes.  He showed us, and it was barely visible, but definitely some redness.  The vet recommended a lysine supplement for his food.  Well, going back to Drs. Foster and Smith, I saw that they had a lysine powder supplement.  We've started sprinkling it on his food, and his eyes do noticeably look brighter.  So I'm glad that it worked!  I do feel bad that I didn't notice that he had conjunctivitis, though.  

Here is Romeo, lying on the forbidden table.  This table was kind of a big deal last year because we got it and swore that this was one piece of furniture that we were never, ever going to let the cats jump up on.  You see where this is going, don't you?

The only cat that you won't see a picture of is Bit.  Right now she is having a "Mommy is terrifying" day and is avoiding me like the plague.  I have no idea why, as she was sleeping snuggled up against me when I got up this morning.

So that's really it.  We're all looking forward to the weekend...  for now, it's just get up, do the routine, go to work, come home and continue the routine, go to bed, repeat.


  1. That picture cracked me up, too! I think the caption on the second one is even funnier! Argos, you are the saint of dogdom!

    We are hanging on for the weekend, too!

  2. LOL at the fate of the forbidden table. It happens to the best of us.

  3. Now I get why you need more than one animal companion. Somebody's always freaking out or confusing or snubbing or squeaking. At least one somebody else might be "normal."

    So glad you spotted Argos. I'd've missed him (bleary from too much work). As it was: Laughed. A lot. Too too cute.

  4. I'm glad that I am not the only one who thought that the "accidental Argos" shot was funny... I hesitated to even put it up on the blog at first!

    The table was doomed from day 1. I see that now. I had stars in my eyes...

    And yep. With five animals, I have a somewhat higher chance of getting to hang out with SOMEONE who is being normal. Though it seems that often enough, I end up being with the one who is being weird to figure out what is going on with them!

  5. Argos is a funny dog! Me spotted him and had to point him out to Mommy. We's has lots of animals at our house. 2 Dogs and 2 Cats and Mommy agrees with you about at least one being normal! Oh me loved the video of Argos and my hairy slobbery sister Bob says he is one big hunk of Man dog!

  6. Hahah! I didn't notice Argos in the background until you mentioned him but when I did .. yeah, that's pretty funny! And I love the caption!

    Maybe the cats are having a game with you. One gets to suck up for a week and another ignores you. They do love to keep us guessing, do cats. But ... I might take Charlotte for a quick check up if she were mine, just to rule out anything else. Cats are very funny about things like that (as you know!) and sometimes they're pretty good at hiding all but a slight oddness in their behaviour.

  7. I love the photo! I always wonder how many pictures I'm in the background of. Argos knows of at least a few!

    My computer speakers are broken so I can't hear the video :/

    I think Layla would like that skunk. I might have to get it for her one day.

  8. The skunk made my 2 kids come running to the computer! I'm NOT getting them one, lol. It would probably last about 27 seconds here before Frankie got the squeaker out.

    I didn't notice Argos in the photos either ... great captions:)

    Glad Romeo is feeling better.