Friday, January 14, 2011

Instructions For Removing Wallpaper

I was looking back through the notes that I'd made on my Facebook page, and found something many of you will think is funny, and I'm going to make a bet that many of you have gone through some variation of this yourselves!  

How to Remove Wallpaper 

1. Move the furniture to the center of the room. Fill a bucket full of hot water, get a sponge, and start soaking down the wallpaper. 

2. Scrape away. Little bits of wallpaper go flying, when they...

3. Attract the attention of the kitten. She starts to happily eat them.

4. Realize that your kitten probably should NOT be eating strips of wallpaper with God knows what kind of adhesive on it. 

5. Attempt to catch the kitten to take wallpaper bits away from her.

6. Chase kitten throughout entire house, getting your husband in on the act.

7. Finally chase kitten under the bed, which is impossible for anyone that is not a cat to get underneath.

8. Lie on stomach, watching kitten happily nomming wallpaper just out of reach.

9. Resort to using the very string that put the kitten in the emergency room the night before as a dangly lure to get her to run out. 

10. Finally catch her, and eject her from the room.

11. Shut the door, and attempt to continue scraping wallpaper.

12. Listen to kitten's mournful cries on the other side of the door.


  1. I've been removing wall paper in my kitchen and HarryKitty has been "supervising" before he takes pieces of wall paper and runs with them.

  2. Bwaaaa ha ha! That is hilarious! I could only be better if you'd taken a few pictures during the chase. *snicker*

  3. Paper is apparently very yummy. Aschiuta, my dog, enjoys it too, especially napkins.

    Thanks for sharing this, I had a good laugh.

  4. All the animals like to "help" with projects!

  5. Excellent instructions!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. That's soo funny - not long ago we had to remove wallpaper border from our hallway - and Rubie was only about 5 mths old - and I could really relate to your instructions!!! Rubie loved to nab little bits and make off with them, quite the thief! Good post, Rubie's Mum.

  7. Your post cracked me up! We had to remove some wallpaper not that long ago... I will never put any up again! I can't deal with the hassle.

  8. Hahaha, yep - that sounds about right! :) I just found your blog through Pet Blogs United, and just wanted to stop by to say hello!

  9. Heehee, those are some helpful instructions. I bet it works for dogs too!


  10. I jsut popped in from PBU blog, where I enjoyed reading about you. Love the title of your blog. Very catchy.