Friday, August 20, 2010

What a week...

It's been a decent week, I guess, but oh so tiring!  We have finally gotten Romeo completely over his stomach issues.  He's also on a diet, since he is about 4 pounds overweight.

Jeff spoke to the vet about the issue while we had him there about the stomach upset...  and we learned something new!  Contrary to what we've always believed, the vet reported that cats just do not lose weight on a diet of dried cat food.  Huh.  So her recommendation was Fancy Feast canned food, but only the kinds that are gluten-free.  This diet is also on the Web, which means that we were probably the last to know about this.

The diet seems to agree with him, though I think he would be a bit happier if there was a bit MORE food.  Anyway, I think that he's already lost a tiny bit of weight, and looks very handsome.  Pictures later this weekend, as he was absolutely refusing to pose for them tonight!  (By running into dark corners that the flash on my iPhone can't penetrate.)

Argos has learned that people food is way better than his dried food, and goes to great lengths to get it.

One of the ways that we indulge Charlotte is that after she gets her medication, she gets a small saucer of milk.  Yes, you're not supposed to give your cats milk; it's not healthy for them, it makes them fat, and sometimes they have a hard time digesting it.  But Char doesn't seem to have any digestion issues with it, and is terminally ill with congestive heart failure.  So she gets all of the milk that she wants because I simply do not have it in me to tell her "no."  SO... justifications aside, she gets milk a couple of times a day.  Argos is too much of a gentleman to chase Charlotte away from her milk; he has learned the "No Kitty" rule very well.  However, he is NOT above looming over her and watching her drink it.  If he looms long enough, and drools on her back a little, she will get indignant and leave.  And you can't blame a boy for drinking a saucer of milk if it doesn't belong to anyone, right?  RIGHT?

Argos, looking innocent.  He'd never steal milk from a sick cat.  Really.

And then this morning, I was making sandwiches for Jeff and I...  I'd just gotten out the bread and he darted in, grabbed the heel of the loaf from beneath my elbow, and had it gone and into the living room and eaten before I could have even thought to take it away from him.  Now THAT behavior is going to have to be nipped in the bud, though I admit that I did nothing to help the training process this morning by dissolving into fits of giggles.

That's most of the drama for the week.  I think that Annie is starting to calm down a LITTLE.  (Those of you who were reading my blog back when we first got Romeo might remember that she was extremely clingy, demanding my attention all hours night and day.)  She's still somewhat demanding, and is thrilled if she can get me to pet her, but at least she's not slapping me with clawed feet to get my attention anymore.
Not the most current picture, but I like it.  I call it  "Annie Loaf."
Bit is still herself, which means that she is sweet as pie, until Romeo enters the picture, and then she becomes part demon.  We're going to work with them together some more this weekend.  I sometimes feel guilty, and think that they would probably get along a lot better if we were able to be home more and do these supervised "sessions" more often.  But, one does have to work to pay the mortgage and feed all of these creatures.

Bit, looking regal.  And fluffy.


  1. I'm giggling over the bread heel. Blueberry still steals the hamburger buns right off the plates when my husband goes out to get the burgers off the grill, and he leaves them there on the counter every stinking time! I can't train either of them!

    I'm glad things seem to be settling down some in the Cat Wars!

  2. Your mornings sound as hectic as ours are. I try to keep my eye on everyone as I make human breakfast, but they've learned to distract me so someone can steal something. Today everyone was well behaved and rewarded with blueberries and toast.

    Lots of smooches to your fur kids
    Sue and the Pack

  3. Woof! Woof! Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Thanks for the update. As far as the milk is concerned - have at it! There's a great deal to be said for quality of life! Isn't it interesting how our babies have their own little household dramas long after we leave the house...