Sunday, August 15, 2010

I won an award!  That's awesome!
My new friends at Kirbypuppy: Life with an AussieScratch My Belly:  A Closer Look at the Wonderful Dogs of Paws,  I Still Want More Puppies, and Arwen's Pack awarded me with this.  Thank you so much!  If you haven't already, you should check out the links to their blogs! 

So the award requires that thank those that awarded me, done above!  And also that I tell you 7 things about myself (and I'm assuming, by extension, my animals.)  So... here goes.

1.  I have had animals for most of my life... most of them dogs and cats, but I've also had horses, ducks, a goat, and even two bottle-fed pigs, runts of the litter.    My husband and I did have to go through about a decade with no animals, as it was difficult to get a pet-friendly apartment, but neither one of us wants to go back to that arrangement, EVER.

2.  My cat Charlotte drew blood on me when I tried to pet her at the shelter the day that I rescued her.  Obviously, I took her home anyway, but I have to admit that I felt some trepidation and hoped that I wasn't making a mistake.

3.  When we went to meet Argos for the first time (then named Willie) I was 99% certain that we were not going to adopt him.  That evaporated away within minutes of meeting him.

4.  Argos has a "thing" for objects or animals that are white.  I would never get a white cat with him in the same house, though he's perfectly cat-safe otherwise.  But he'll want to chase white poodles when we see them out and about, and he likes white socks, washcloths, stuffed animals...

5.  I have a tough time saying "no" to the animals.  Which is probably why they come to ME demanding/asking for treats.  If I ever got a dog that needed a firm hand to keep it in line, I would have a LOT of work on myself to do.

6.  I would rather stay home with my husband and the animals than do nearly anything else.  It makes me feel whole and content.

7.  I have dreams of helping animals find homes, but am not entirely certain of what to do about it yet.  For now, I donate money whenever possible to groups that DO know what they're doing, and I volunteer some of my time for Steel City Greyhounds when they need someone to do public meet & greet type events.

Okay, there's my 7 things.  Now I'm to pass the award on to 15 blogger friends.  There are so many good ones to choose from!  I've conveniently linked them all below for easy browsing.  If you're one of my awardees (both brand new and not so new) I know that I don't say much on your blogs (I am somewhat shy, despite the irony of being a blogger) but  please do know that I thoroughly enjoy your writing. 

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Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekends!  I'm off to accomplish Part 4 of the award acceptance, which is to inform my 15 choices about their awards...


  1. Aww, thanks for sharing the award! It can be intimidating jumping in on comments, especially when it seems like there is a well-established group of people who know each other, but one thing I love about the blogging community is that there's always room for one more! Don't worry about being shy! ;)

  2. Thanks so much for the award! I agree with Houndstooth-no need to be shy-we love to hear from you-jump right in!

  3. Thanks for the award and the comment over on my blog. The girls thank you, too ;)

  4. Thank you for thinking of us for this lovely award. We are most grateful and so happy that you enjoy our blog.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  5. Awwww... thank you so much! That's really sweet of you. :) I really enjoy your blog too... I love that we gave each other the award at the same time.

  6. You are all most welcome and I thank you for the insight and entertainment that your blogs provide. :)

    And Pup Fan... hah! So we did. I missed that since you posted that at the tail end (little pun there) of all of the Romeo the Cat drama that went on for me this week.

  7. Hi there...nice to meey you :)
    Thanks for the award, I accept it with great gratitude! I'm new at this so I'm not even sure if I know 15 people to pass it on to but I'll blog surf and find some. Please inform me of what I need to do. *woof*