Wednesday, August 25, 2010


First things first:  I believe that Romeo is starting to feel better.  He's not 100% yet, but we're hoping that he'll be there in a couple of days tops.  He's demanding food again, and once again sleeping on the bed with us.  (He always does this by choice, and when he stopped doing it, I KNEW that he wasn't feeling well.)

Romi-Wan Kenobi
The rest of the household, I believe, is doing fine.  The "girls" (Charlotte, Annie, Bit) are fine, though sometimes I think they're a little upset that they can't come into our bedroom.  That will come again, but not until Romeo is healed up completely, and when we can be reasonably certain that we're not going to wake up to cats fighting on top of us.  (Don't think that it hasn't happened.  They're psychos.)

Argos is keeping a good attitude, but I do think that he's getting tired of Romeo getting so much of the attention!  We may need to take him to the dog park this weekend to make him feel special again.

Did someone say "dog park?"
So... now that I've given the status of the house, I have a question to ask:  "WTH, Mary Bale?"  (Warning, brief rant coming up)

I was flabbergasted when I first saw the footage of her dropping the cat into the trash bin.  I was even more stunned when they finally interviewed her, and all she had to say for herself was that she thought it would be funny to drop a cat in the trash, and that it was "just a cat" and she couldn't figure out what everyone was so up in arms about.

To which I would have to say, if you are that callous towards a living creature, then I don't like you, and I never want to know you because you will be a complete waste of my time and energy.  Just a cat.  Just a cat indeed.   Did you ever stop to think about the consequences to dropping a cat into a trash bin?  That it was going to be a hot, sweltering day?  That she might perish from heat exhaustion?  Or was that part of the funny ha-ha joke?  Did you even try to empathize with her, thinking about how terrified she must be, trapped inside of a hot, smelly garbage can, unable to get back to her family, not knowing when or if she was going to be found and rescued?  Did you ever stop to try to empathize with her family, who cared for her and was worried sick?  That she was a rescue who already had trust issues with humans?  (Gee, I wonder why animals would have ANY trust issues, with people like YOU running around.)

No, I 'm thinking that you did none of these things because you strike me as the type of person who is incapable of that level of self-reflection or empathy for others.

I am not condoning violence against this woman in any way.  But I do heartily applaud the fact that this story, and her name, was so widely publicized.  She NEEDS to be shamed, to be villified, because you know what?  At least on that day, when she dropped a cat named Lola into the trash, she WAS a villain.
And maybe this public shaming will show other villains that it's harder to get away with wanton cruelty in this day and age.

I could probably rant on for hours and hours, but I will spare everyone that.  Stories like this just make me so angry that I could just spit.  So anyway, rant off.


  1. Bunny gives two dewclaws up to the dog park idea!

    I can understand people's differing viewpoints on a lot of things, but there are some things that I just can't fathom and that is one of them. Let's hope she never pollutes the gene pool!

  2. Awful, terrible woman... she makes me mad.

  3. People who lack empathy for other living things are sick in the head. I hope there are strong animal-cruelty laws where this Bale person (person?) lives.
    Alanis & Miro Airedales, new followers

  4. Glad Romeo is on the mend. And yes, we agree about that bale woman. What a sick individual.

  5. That made me sick when I saw it on TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said to my hubby someone should do that to her!!!!!!!! I still feel that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should be her punishment!!!
    XO, Fern