Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going Away

I never dreamed that leaving behind my animals would be so hard... even for just an extended weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time with my family out in Missouri, but my "kids" were on  my mind an awful lot.

My very generous mother-in-law agreed to come in and take care of the cats twice a day each of the days that we were gone.  (With normal cats, once a day would have been more than sufficient, but Charlotte needs lasix twice a day for her heart condition.)

However, we couldn't ask her to take care of Argos as well - that would involve two daily walks, and given that he's eaten a washcloth before, I just felt better knowing that he wasn't in the house unsupervised for much of the time.  So to a boarding facility he went - The Golden Bone Pet Resort. 

I couldn't keep myself from doing it - I called them on Saturday to see how Argos was doing.  And it was a good thing that I did, too.  They'd had a thunderstorm, and had found out just how scared of them Argos gets.  They were supposed to get more, and I gave permission for them to give the poor guy a benadryl to help him sleep through them.

When we got home Monday afternoon, we went to the boarding facility as soon as we could - straight from the airport.  He was sooooo happy to see us.  He was shaking and sniffing us all over, and then practically towed Jeff out the door into the parking lot.  I totally do not blame the Golden Bone for this... it is a great facility, run by people who understand and love greyhounds, and I'm sure he was totally pampered the entire time we were gone... it was just the first time that we'd ever left him for more than just the workday, and definitely not for four nights!

Once home, the cats ignored us for awhile, I guess to show us that they were NOT happy with us, but before long I had Annie on my lap, and Charlotte kept coming in to watch me.  Eventually, she started purring and let me pet her.  Bit was the one that sulked the longest, but she did eventually make an appearance.  I think she's actually still somewhat miffed with us.  I was sleeping in the guest room last night because I have a horrible cold and needed to sleep propped up all night.  Usually when I do this, she's snuggled up to me all night.  Not so last night... though I noticed that she wasn't going to let me out of her sight.  She slept in a laundry basket of clothes next to the bed.  Every time I got up to blow my nose or go to the bathroom, she'd go with me.

Hopefully today they'll realize that we're not going anywhere.  I'm glad that I took the day off!  It will help reassure the animals AND give me time to recuperate from this stupid bug.

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