Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vet Check-Up

So, Charlotte went in for her quarterly vet check-up, and it looks like she's doing very well.  Her vitals are good, the EKG looked good.  She's about due for an echocardiogram, as soon as they find out when the guy who does those is going to be in the office on a day other than Friday.  (Fridays are nearly impossible for us to get there during business hours.)

I'm always so very glad to get confirmation that our baby is doing well... I'm very aware of the fact that she has already lived longer than the vet thought possible, so am always highly concerned about her.

Argos is suddenly fascinated with Charlotte, and we kind of have to keep an eye on him.  It apparently started when Jeff brought her back from the vet this afternoon, still in her carrier.  Argos stared at the carrier and gave it a thorough sniffing over.  Jeff had to move him away from it long enough to open the door and let Charlotte out.  After which Argos eagerly followed her, sniffing at her behind.

This has NEVER happened before.  I don't think Charlotte knew what to make of it!

I figured it was just the novelty of having another animal brought into the house while he's here, but when we all got back from our evening walk, I came into the room to see him sniffing her and wagging his tail.  Charlotte handled it pretty well, though looked vaguely disgusted.

I'm okay with sniffing and tail wagging, as long as he doesn't start to try to chase her.  We'll just have to keep an eye on them.

I find myself wondering if he thinks that she is a new cat, instead of the old one that hisses at him all of the time.

And oddly, she WASN'T hissing at him.

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