Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I didn't say a lot about our last two fosters, Tom and Junior, because I assumed that I was going to be a short-term foster only, as they grew their fur back in and gained weight.  That I was a port in the storm, but a short stopover only.  

When I took them for their one-month check up at the shelter vet last Thursday night, she was pleased enough with their progress that she decided to keep both cats there to put them up for adoption.  In fact, I had wandered over to the cat building to talk to someone about paperwork, when some volunteers brought them over.  So I got to see them both put into their cage, a nice spacious one that afforded them some privacy.  I saw that Tom was really scared, but did watch him slowly relax while one of the volunteers held him.  

I assumed everything was ok.

Early Saturday afternoon, the foster coordinator for the shelter contacted me and asked if I'd take Tom back.  Apparently he was terrified at the shelter, crying and trying to hide from people, curling up in the back of the cage and trying to make himself look small.  And of course, I said "yes."  

I don't know how long he's going to be with us here, but honestly he's such a sweet cat that I'm willing to let him stay here until he gets a home, like we did for both Mitchell and Patches.  It's not that I can't turn loose of a foster, but I do hate the idea of turning loose of a foster to send them into a situation that's going to make them scared and miserable.  Tom was born into his previous home, and spent his entire life there.  He is of course going to be frightened outside of that environment at first, and that especially means the shelter environment, even though they do everything that they can to make it as pleasant as possible for the cats.  

So I need your help.  I need to get the word out there about Tom.  He's a fantastic lap cat and sweetheart of a guy.. quick to purr, eager for your attention, turning himself over onto his back for belly rubs, nuzzling your face and your hair.  He just doesn't like being in a cage.  He's an older gentleman, at age 10, but still has lots of life and love in him for someone willing to give him a chance.

Basic household manners:  gets long with other cats, a little afraid of dogs.  (We're working on that.  He WAS on the same bed as the greyhounds the other day, so I don't think that it's hopeless.)  Excellent litter habits... so excellent that he covers the other cats' messes when they're less than genteel.  A good eater, though he does prefer canned food to the point of ignoring kibble unless he's starving.

Here's the classic Tom pose.  I know, I know, I keep using this picture, but it is perfect for him.  

And here are some new ones:

Still looking a little worried after first returning to us.

What else are library headboards for if not for kitty sleeping nooks?
If anyone has any questions about him, please let me know.  He's been with us for a little over a month now all told, so we're pretty familiar with his personality and habits by now.  


  1. I shared it on Twitter! I don't know many cat people, but I hope that getting the word out helps!

  2. Well Tom is a dear. I hope he gets what he deserves, a forever home.

  3. Poor Tommy, me thinks me would has a awful time if me gots put up at my age! Me is purraying for Tom.

  4. You are so wonderful to take Tom back and understand his needs. I just wanted to say that. Hope he finds a loving home that at least comes close to yours. :)

  5. I do hope the purrfect people come forward for sweet Tom. He reminds me of my old boy, Harry. x

  6. awwww - he is a handsome mancat. We think like you - a foster is a forever committment - we would rather see them with us and have the adoption process take a little longer than see them freaked out. purrs to Tom - we know his family is out there....

  7. Oh, sweet Tom! We hope he finds a wonderful home very soon. It just kills me for these older cats who find themselves out of a home after spending a decade with the same family. I always wonder what they must be thinking - just heartbreaking.

  8. Oh, Tom sure looks (and sounds) like a great cat. We are purring and praying that he'll find a forever home real soon. In the meantime, thank you for loving him so well.

  9. Oh, he does look like a sweetheart!! I do hope you find him a most excellent home!!