Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Wow, is it ever hot and humid outside this week!  And I know that we truly have nothing to complain about, compared to some of you folks in the Midwest.  There is a REASON that I left Missouri, and while I won't claim that it was all because of the summertime humidity, it is definitely not something that I've shed tears about leaving behind me.

So we've just been hanging around and doing our best to stay cool.

Mind you, that's Argos in front of THAT fan, with another in the window, and the ceiling fan going at the same time.  That part of the house is not air-conditioned, but with all of the cross-breezes and the shade from the front porch, is not at all unpleasant.

Patches (and Mitchell, not pictured) were allowed to roam the entire upstairs of the house today while Jeff was working from home.  After patrolling the perimeter for awhile, Patches crashed HARD on our cat ledge in the study.  Right under the shade tree, and where cool air from the small window unit could blow on his fur.  No dummy, is he.

Annie decided to relax on the forbidden chair.  Doesn't she look relaxed?  And no, it is NOT me or Jeff that forbid the cats to get on any of the comfy furniture.  It's Charlotte that does the forbidding... that is HER throne.  Except that Annie has been challenging her for it a bit lately, and sometimes Charlotte just lets it go.

Bit, ever daddy's little girl, has decided to pursue a career in tech.  Just what that career would involve, I don't even dare to speculate about.

Charlotte has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom, with her belly on display.  She normally only does this in the summer, so I can only guess that it helps her cool off.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed our photos.  I'm going to have a fun announcement to make soon, but I'm going to have to wait for at least two more days, maybe one more.


  1. A fun announcement?! Is there another hound on the way to your house?

  2. Patches looks so adorable in the window. Been seeing a lot of that lately at our house too. Stay cool!

  3. In the summer, I leave the stairs window open all the time, and the three cats fight for the place on the cupbozrd below it when it is very hot. That is the place where it is cool during the day, and ther is always one cat napping there'

  4. I love your latest, dear Melanie, which I've just caught up on. BEAUTY-FUL!

    Man that look on Bit's face. I am not deceived. She's perhaps researching bomb-construction?

    And Charlotte! Lordy.

    Everybody. SO so cute.

    I can't wait to hear what you're cooking up, gal . . . .

  5. Bit! Yous has a pad! Yous can start blogging now - just like me! Me started when me gots an iPad. It is cool here today. Mommy says that is good, cuz she has lots of cannning to do for the farm market and when its hot, standing over hot pots is not fun!

  6. We have it worse here.. it is super warm and hazey.. with *choke choke* very bad air.

    glad you guys are all relaxing in your own corners :)

  7. Sorry it is so doggone hot fur all of you :(
    We have been lucky so far with the temps..
    What is this about a fun annoucement???