Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wow, it has been a week since my last post.

I guess that I keep putting off making a post because I don't really have any pictures to add for eye-candy.  It seems like every time I see one of the critters doing something funny/interesting/cute my camera is in the other room.

I decided that I had neglected my blog long enough, though, so here are some "snapshots" of my week, using just words.

This Afternoon:  Mitchell and Patches sitting side by side on the radiator, both staring out the window.  There's birds on the neighbor's roof, making a fuss.  Both cats' hind-ends are waggling back and forth, tails lashing.  Mitchell is making that feline sobbing noise that some cats make when they are watching prey.  Both are completely oblivious to me.

This Morning:  Standing with Argos in a light, cool drizzle, cheering on the Pittsburgh Marathon runners.  We're surrounded by greyhounds... maybe twenty of them?  They all have colorful leys around their necks and are wearing snazzy marathon jackets.  One of the dogs has flopped over onto his side in the street, making many of the runners laugh when they go by.

Last Night:  I get startled awake as a certain gray kitty crashes into me.  I think she was trying to leap over me in some bizarre game of nocturnal chase that she was playing with Annie.  I think that she scared herself as much as she scared me...  or at least, my gasp and levitation act scared her.  The game of chase ended then, though, so I have to admit I don't really care if she was scared!

Yesterday:  Since the weatherman lied, and it turned into a sunshiney day, at least until evening,  I was outside working in the garden.  Eventually I moved up onto the porch to get some of my porch plants potted.  Charlotte is sitting on the other side of the glass door, supervising.  I can see the silent meow through the glass, and know her well enough that I know exactly what her meow sounds like without hearing it.  And she's telling me that I'm doing it all wrong.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday:  Sadly, all of these days brought with them thunderstorms.  We now have three animals in the house that are not happy about thunder:  Argos and Bit, and now poor Mitchell.  Mitchell refuses to come out from under the bed when it is thundering.  Bit will hide as best as she can, but prefers going under the couch.  Argos wants to go into his crate, and refuses to go to the bathroom in any way until it goes away.  He also skips meals.  *Sigh*

Tuesday:  I learn that Patches has a thing for freshly washed hair.  I was in the guest room where we keep him and Mitchell, lying on the bed and reading and just hanging out with them.  I had just showered.  Patches walked around me, froze when he got to my head, and sniffed my hair.  Then batted at it.  Then started clawing at it, burying his nose in it, and then finally he started rolling in it.  That was just a little bit weird.  I asked Jeff if he'd spiked my shampoo with catnip, but he denies everything.

So that's really the animal-related peaks and valleys of my week.  I will eventually be able to supply at least a couple of pictures of Argos at the marathon with his pink ley.  And I will start carrying that camera with me more, dammit.  "Yoo hooo, animals!  Do something entertaining!"


  1. Ha ha! My camera is actually on the verge of becoming an extension of my hand these days!

  2. Grendel used to be enamored of my freshly washed hair, too, especially if I used Lush's Veganese conditioner. :)

  3. Oh wes don't like thunder much here at our house either and wes had some of that this week.

  4. Great action-packed post, thank you! Random pick of just one item: Sufferin' storms. So sorry for your nervy guys. If it makes you feel better and I hope it does, the sun's gone again over here too. Seems like on this beleaguered planet, we're all in this together.